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Gene Review

Dao  -  D-amino acid oxidase

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AI987963, D-amino-acid oxidase, DAAO, DAMOX, DAO, ...
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Associations of Dao1 with chemical compounds

  • Determination of free D-proline and D-leucine in the brains of mutant mice lacking D-amino acid oxidase activity [11].
  • In the brains of ddY/DAO- mice, D-leucine amounts are approximately 10 times higher than those obtained in ddY/DAO+ mice and regional difference has not been observed, while the amounts of L-proline and L-leucine are not significantly different between the two strains [11].
  • Amino acid levels in D-alanine-administered mutant mice lacking D-amino acid oxidase [14].
  • Urine from mutant mice lacking D-amino-acid oxidase contained a large amount of alanine compared with that from normal mice [15].
  • The normal increase in activity or rate of synthesis of beta-glucuronidase following androgen administration requires pituitary hormones and/or products of these hormones, while the increase in activity of enzymes like alcohol dehydrogenase and D-amino acid oxidase does not require pituitary hormones [16].

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