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Gene Review

Il6r  -  interleukin 6 receptor

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: IL-6 receptor subunit alpha, IL-6R 1, IL-6R subunit alpha, IL-6R-alpha, IL-6RA, ...
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Biological context of Il6ra


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Regulatory relationships of Il6ra

  • Rat anti-mouse IL-6 receptor antibody effectively blocked biological activity of all three sources of IL-6 [19].
  • In growth-arrested H-35 cells, TGF-beta still enhances the IL-6R expression but it attenuates all IL-6 effects on APP genes [20].

Other interactions of Il6ra

  • However, PRL had no effect on IL-6R mRNA levels [11].
  • In examining potential mechanisms for this synergy it was found that TGF-beta increased IL-6 receptor expression [21].
  • A mild and late induction of the IL-6R, LIF-R, and IL-11R occurred after seizure with a scattered distribution [22].
  • These findings suggest that the CNTF-induced stimulation of fibrinogen gene expression occurs, at least in part, by this cytokine's interaction with the IL-6 receptor [23].
  • Moreover, our results demonstrate that a Trk receptor-specific cellular response can be achieved in the absence of NGF through amplification of its basal signaling activity by the IL-6 receptor system [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Il6ra


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