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Gene Review

PAGE1  -  P antigen family, member 1 (prostate...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: AL5, CT16.3, G antigen 9, G antigen family B member 1, GAGE-9, ...
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Disease relevance of PAGE1

  • RNA blot analysis demonstrated that GAGE-7 mRNA was expressed at equal levels in all lineage related prostate cancer cell sublines, while PAGE-1 mRNA levels were elevated 5-fold in C4-2 and C4-2B as compared with LNCaP cells [1].
  • Unilateral "Page kidney" hypertension in man. Studies of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system before and after nephrectomy [2].
  • According to this hypothesis: (1) There is a gene on the Y chromosome that strongly predisposes dysgenetic gonads to develop gonadoblastomas (Page, 1986) and (2) this postulated GBY gene (GonadoBlastoma locus on Y chromosome) has some physiological function in normal males [3].
  • Whereas an elevated level of NK-B was implicated in pregnancy-associated pre-eclampsia (Page, N. M., Woods, R. J., Gardiner, S. M., Lomthaisong, K., Gladwell, R. T., Butlin, D. J., Manyonda, I. T., and Lowry, P. J. (2000) Nature 405, 797-800), the regulation of NK-B synthesis and function are poorly understood [4].
  • Seventeen patients (11 days to 20 years old), studied angiographically, demonstrated a wide spectrum of renal pathology including arterial thrombosis, fibromuscular hyperplasia, vasculitis, neurofibramatosis, cystic disease, pyelonephritis, Page kidney, and congenital anomalies [5].

Psychiatry related information on PAGE1

  • Articles mentioning nurse shortage were more frequently placed on page 1, associated with clinical nursing in hospital settings and explained as the result of maldistribution of nurses, poor salaries, deficient working conditions and lack of job satisfaction [6].
  • Opportunities and Threats, a One Page Plan and our recommended learnings will be shared [7].
  • In the current investigation, a modification was made to the preference assessment described by Pace, Ivancic, Edwards, Iwata, and Page (1985) to predict the effects of stimuli when used in a differential-reinforcement-of-other-behavior (DRO) schedule for 2 clients with severe self-injurious behavior (SIB) and profound mental retardation [8].

High impact information on PAGE1

  • In man, several DNA sequences have been described which show pseudoautosomal transmission and which are localized in the pairing region at the ends of the short arms of both the X and Y chromosomes (refs 6-9, and D. Page, unpublished results) [9].
  • In this review, David Tyrell, Stephen Kilfeather and Clive Page examine some of the activities of heparin (and heparin derivatives) beyond its effects as an anticoagulant, and discuss the therapeutic potential of this old, but certainly not antiquated, drug [10].
  • Further database analysis indicates the presence of other genes with high homology to PAGE-1, which were found in cDNA libraries derived from testis, pooled libraries (with testis), and in a germ cell tumor library [11].
  • PAGE-1, an X chromosome-linked GAGE-like gene that is expressed in normal and neoplastic prostate, testis, and uterus [11].
  • We designate the novel gene PAGE-1 because the expression pattern in the Cancer Genome Anatomy Project libraries indicates that it is predominantly expressed in normal and neoplastic prostate [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of PAGE1

  • 1. The possible role of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) and 5-HT-receptors in hypertension, already suggested by Page in 1954, has been subject to a renaissance of interest owing to the development of antihypertensive drugs which interact with 5-HT-receptors [12].
  • Referring to the mosaic theory of Page, the authors present an overview of recent topics related to the participation of endocrine and auto-paracrine factors, such as steroids, ouabain-like substance, insulin, renin-angiotensin and endothelin, in the pathogenesis of primary hypertension [13].
  • The Fine Page: angiotensin converting enzyme angioedema [14].
  • METHODS: The Lung Cancer and Cigarette Smoking Web Page at the unique reference location, created in January 1996, consists of hypertext metafile language files in a 'frequently asked questions' format on tobacco-caused diseases, nicotine dependence and smoking cessation [15].

Biological context of PAGE1

  • The ensuing molecular genetic analysis, culminating in the recent paper in Science by Lahn and Page, has identified more than 20 genes or gene families on the human Y [16].
  • We investigated the recent suggestion that large-conductance, calcium-activated K(+) (BK) channels, rather than proton channels, play an essential role in innate immunity (Ahluwalia, J., A. Tinker, L.H. Clapp, M.R. Duchen, A.Y. Abramov, S. Page, M. Nobles, and A.W. Segal. 2004. Nature. 427:853-858) [17].
  • Both constructs harboured a 24 base pairs insertion placed upstream of the initiating ATG [Peakman, Charles, Sydenham, Gewert, Page, and Makoff (1992) Nucleic Acids Res. 20, 6111-6112] [18].
  • Previous results have indicated that IL-1 receptors co-localize with focal adhesions [Qwarnstrom, Page, Gillis and Dower (1988) J. Biol. Chem. 263, 8261-8269], discrete adhesive domains of cells that function in cell attachment and possibly in signal transduction [19].
  • Azotobacter vinelandii cells can be transformed at high frequencies with the broad-host-range plasmids pRK2501, RSF1010, and pGSS15, using a modification of the procedure developed by Page and von Tigerstrom (J. Bacteriol. 139:1058-1061, 1979) for chromosomal DNA-mediated transformation [20].

Anatomical context of PAGE1

  • The expression of PAGE-1 in normal and malignant prostate, testicular, and uterine tissues makes it a possible target for the diagnosis and possibly for the vaccine-based therapy of neoplasms of prostate, testis, and uterus [11].
  • Neither GAGE-7 nor PAGE-1 demonstrated any regulation by androgens in the prostate cancer cell lines used in this study [1].
  • The hypertensive paroxysms, spontaneous or precipitated by stimulation of the autonomic nervous system, were similar to those described by Page as simulating diencephalic stimulation [21].
  • Correspondence Re: Lack EE, Askin FB, Dehner LB, Page DL, Weiss LM. Recommendations for reporting of tumors of the adrenal cortex and medulla. Mod Pathol 1999:12:835-9 [22].
  • The histopathologic status of gingival tissue was assessed according to the criteria of Page and Schroeder.(5) Rhodamine-labeled bacteria were used to assess the antigenic specificity of plasma cells in the tissue [23].

Associations of PAGE1 with chemical compounds

  • (page 1083) merge these two themes by identifying the ubiquitin-specific protease Usp4 as a partner for the carboxyl-terminal tail of adenosine A2A receptors and showing that this interaction allows processing and delivery to the cell surface of newly synthesized A2A receptors, which are otherwise predominantly intracellular [24].
  • Two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis 1 (2-D PAGE 1) is currently the method of choice for separating complex mixtures of cellular proteins [25].
  • A cationic (pI 8.3) wall-bound peroxidase has been purified to homogeneity from suspension-cultured cells of French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). The enzyme was a glycoprotein and its M(r) was 46,000 as determined by SDS/Page and h.p.l.c. gel filtration [26].
  • Risperidone also achieved significant improvement from baseline in Clinical Global Impression (CGI)-severity and CGI-improvement (p < 0.001, Page test) [27].
  • Cells at confluence were utilized to determine cytotoxicity (LDH release), viability (trypan blue), proliferation (3H-thymidine incorporation), collagen expression (3H-proline incorporation, SDS-Page) and mRNA (dot-blot) [28].

Other interactions of PAGE1

  • The second approximately 700-bp transcript was a novel gene (designated PAGE-1, "prostate associated gene") with only 45% homology to GAGE gene family members [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PAGE1

  • PAGE-1 and GAGE-7 expression was found to be restricted to testes (high) and placenta (low) on human multiple tissue Northern blots [1].
  • Incubation of HK with FXIa resulted in the generation of cleavage products which were subjected to SDS-Page and analyzed by silverstaining, ligand-blotting and immunoblotting, respectively [29].
  • Using electron microscopy we documented some of the intracellular events that occur in Naegleria fowleri suspended in Page amoeba saline after ingestion of Legionella pneumophila [30].
  • Pseudorejection: the Page kidney phenomenon in renal allografts [31].
  • Correspondence re: Sharkey FE, Addington SL, Fowler LJ, Page CP. Effects of preoperative chemotherapy on the morphology of resectable breast carcinoma. Mod Pathol 1996;9:893-900 [32].


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