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Submucous Plexus

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  • In contrast, the stimulus-induced expression of Fos immunoreactivity was inhibited, but not abolished, by hexamethonium, which limited the spread of activation within the submucosal plexus and completely prevented expression of Fos immunoreactivity by myenteric neurons in response to mucosal puffs of N2 [19].
  • 6. The results show that the hyperpolarization of submucosal plexus neurones by noradrenaline, somatostatin and [Met5]enkephalin results from the increased opening of at least three types of background potassium channel, and that the coupling from the receptors to the channels is maintained in excised membrane patches [20].
  • Synchronized discharges of stretch-activated EJPs and IJPs were preserved following pretreatment with capsaicin (10 microM), were unaffected by nifedipine (1 microM) and did not require the mucosa or submucous plexus [21].
  • 2. Cocaine (0.2-30 microM) reversibly increased the duration of the i.p.s.p. or inhibitory post-synaptic current (i.p.s.c.) in locus coeruleus neurones and submucous plexus neurones by approximately 750% and 350% respectively [22].
  • 6-hydroxydopamine selectively and irreversibly abolished the i.p.s.p. and resulted in a complete loss of catecholamine fluorescent nerve fibres in the submucous plexus [23].

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