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Gene Review

NPY  -  neuropeptide Y

Sus scrofa

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Disease relevance of NPY


Psychiatry related information on NPY


High impact information on NPY


Chemical compound and disease context of NPY

  • Inhibition of glucose stimulated insulin secretion by neuropeptide Y is mediated via the Y1 receptor and inhibition of adenylyl cyclase in RIN 5AH rat insulinoma cells [1].
  • An attempt to determine the consequences of prolonged ischemia on simultaneous regional changes in norepinephrine (NE) and neuropeptide Y (NPY) interstitial myocardial concentrations in a pig model in vivo was made [8].
  • These results suggest that NPY increases [Ca2+]i by a pertussis toxin-sensitive GTP binding protein-involved mechanism which is not mediated by the intracellular messengers such as Ins(1,4,5)P3 and cyclic AMP [9].
  • Second, pertussis toxin abolished the [Ca2+]i rise induced by NPY, but not by BK or ATII [9].
  • No differences in methacholine- or carbachol-induced bradycardia were observed between control and NPY groups in either species [10].

Biological context of NPY

  • PYY or NPY did not cause muscle contraction or inhibit muscle contraction induced by carbachol, endothelin-1 or KCl [11].
  • In this study, the selectivity of this compound, BIBP 3226, as a functional Y1 receptor antagonist, and the possible role of endogenous NPY in sympathetic vasoconstriction in different vascular beds have been investigated in anaesthetized pigs [12].
  • However, BIIE0246 caused splenic vasodilatation per se when given after yohimbine.It is concluded that the renal sympathetic nerves in the pig possess NPY Y(2) receptors, which upon activation inhibit transmitter (noradrenaline and NPY) release [13].
  • In this study, we examined the actions of NPY on ion transport in the porcine distal jejunum mucosa-submucosa in vitro [14].
  • NPY attenuated increases in Isc produced by electrical stimulation of enteric neurons with an IC50 = 5 nmol/l. The actions of the peptide on basal and cyclic AMP-induced ion transport were abolished by the neuronal conduction blocker tetrodotoxin, but not by the opiate antagonist naloxone [14].

Anatomical context of NPY

  • The aim of the present study was to examine which NPY receptors are coupled to inhibition of parasympathetically-mediated contractions of the isolated guinea pig trachea [15].
  • In gastric chief cells, PYY and NPY attenuate the stimulatory effects of secretagogues whose actions are mediated by changes in cellular levels of cAMP [16].
  • The NPY antiserum (102B) reacted with nerves in many areas of both the central and peripheral nervous systems, but it did not stain endocrine cells of the pancreas or intestine [17].
  • High pressure liquid chromatography analysis revealed that the NPY-immunoreactive material from cerebral cortex and vas deferens had elution profiles similar to those of standard porcine NPY [17].
  • Inhibition of insulin secretion in this cell line by NPY fragments and analogues also shows a Y1 receptor-like profile [1].

Associations of NPY with chemical compounds

  • Pretreatment with the Y1 receptor-selective antagonist BIBP3226 (1 microM) failed to prevent the NPY-induced inhibition [15].
  • PYY and NPY, but not pancreatic polypeptide, starting at nanomolar concentrations, caused a 40-50% inhibition of secretin-, vasoactive intestinal polypeptide-, prostaglandin E2-, and forskolin-induced increases in chief cell adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cAMP) content and pepsinogen secretion [16].
  • Furthermore, NPY via Y1 receptor mechanisms seems to be of major importance for the long-lasting component of the reserpine resistant sympathetic vasoconstriction in many vascular beds, and for the maximal vasoconstrictor response in the kidney [12].
  • NPY 26-36 was without effect as were C-terminal carboxy-deaminated NPY and glycine extended NPY (NPY-Gly-Lys-Arg) [18].
  • The alpha-adrenoceptor blocker phentolamine diminished the effects of NPY on basal, but not cyclic AMP-induced Isc [14].

Physical interactions of NPY


Regulatory relationships of NPY

  • We therefore infused synthetic porcine NPY directly into the pancreatic artery in anaesthetized pigs to study its direct in vivo influence on pancreatic blood flow and on insulin and glucagon secretion [19].

Other interactions of NPY


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NPY


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