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Clofencet     2-(4-chlorophenyl)-3-ethyl-5- oxo...

Synonyms: Genesis, SureCN122191, AG-D-59372, ACMC-20mt22, HSDB 7008, ...
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Biological context of Genesis


Anatomical context of Genesis

  • To explore that possibility in a heterologous system of differentiation, Genesis was stably transduced into the IL-3-dependent myeloid cell line 32D using a retroviral expression vector [15].
  • To activate expression of the gene of interest in a tissue-specific fashion, founder mice were mated to the Cre mouse line 2.5P-Cre previously shown to mediate 100% Cre recombination exclusively in podocytes (Moeller MJ, Sanden SK, Soofi A, Wiggins RC, and Holzman LB. Genesis 35: 39-42, 2003) [16].
  • In this study in situ cRNA hybridization experiments revealed that Genesis was expressed during embryogenesis only in developing neural crest cells [17].
  • Microemboli during coronary artery bypass grafting. Genesis and effect on outcome [18].
  • 6-OHDA-induced ectopia of external granule cells in the subarachnoid space covering the cerebellum. Genesis and topography [19].

Associations of Genesis with other chemical compounds

  • A chromatographic run on a C8 Genesis (150 mm x 4.6 mm, 5 microm) column maintained at 30 degrees C lasts about 17 min, using a mobile phase composed of ACN (12%) and a pH 2.5 phosphate buffer (88%) containing 0.3% triethylamine [20].

Gene context of Genesis

  • Therefore, Genesis may play a role in the regulation of primitive neural crest development by preventing terminal quiescence through inhibition of p21 protein expression [17].
  • We report our findings of an NMR structural study performed on an HNF-3/fkh family member (Genesis, formerly HFH-2) and compare it to that of another family member (HNF-3gamma) complexed to DNA and determined by X-ray crystallography [21].
  • Zebrafish crestin was identified in a screen for genes dependent on cyclops function and is a member of a family of retroelements (Rubinstein et al. [2000] Genesis 26:86-97) [22].
  • A novel member of the winged helix (formerly HNF-3/Forkhead) transcriptional regulatory family, termed Genesis, was isolated and characterized [1].
  • Despite rather low sequence identity for a protein within the forkhead family, the structure is remarkably similar to those of the DNA binding domains of HNF3-gamma and FREAC-11, and to a lesser extent the DNA binding domain of Genesis which displays a slightly altered orientation of the DNA recognition helix [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Genesis


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