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Chemical Compound Review

BAPN     3-aminopropanenitrile

Synonyms: Lopac-A-3134, PubChem19134, ACMC-1B8B9, CCRIS 8134, AG-G-18109, ...
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Disease relevance of Aminopropionitrile


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  • The BAPN-treated animals showed an increased density of IJs, SAs, and Ids when compared with controls but the NJs demonstrated no change [6].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Aminopropionitrile

  • Pretreatment of animals with beta-aminopropionitrile to inhibit collagen cross-linking caused an 82% decrease in tumor formation and a significant reduction in tumor volume (approximately 0.4 cu cm) compared to controls (approximately 10 cu cm) [2].
  • Western blots of extracted proteins from chick embryonic aortae cultured in the presence of beta-aminopropionitrile showed that the medium and a mild salt extract contained an immunoreactive protein possessing an apparent molecular mass of 58,000 whereas harsh denaturants extracted a 32,000-kDa protein [34].
  • After debanding, the ratio remained lower in the banded group without beta-aminopropionitrile treatment than in the control group [35].
  • BAPN was found in the urine within one hour of oral administration [36].
  • Transmission electron microscopy of the media of the thoracic aorta revealed that the types of intercellular contacts seen in the controls and in the BAPN group were intermediate junctions (IJs), nexus junctions (NJs), simple appositions (SAs), and interdigitations (Ids) as in adult vessels [6].


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