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Chemical Compound Review

Isoetarin     4-[1-hydroxy-2-(propan-2...

Synonyms: Dilabron, Bronkosol, Isoetarina, Isoetarine, Neoisuprel, ...
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Disease relevance of isoetharine


High impact information on isoetharine

  • PATIENTS AND METHODS: Fifty-one adults presenting with severe asthma exacerbations (forced expiratory volumes in the first second of exhalation [FEV1] <40% of predicted) to the emergency department were randomized (double-blind) to receive hourly inhaled nebulization treatment with either isoetharine (5 mg) or albuterol (2.5 mg) [5].
  • Based on clinical criteria and the ability to raise and maintain for four hours an FEV, by 15% above baseline, ten (50%) of the patients who received isoetharine and 16 (80%) of the patients who received fenoterol therapy were successes [6].
  • Heart rate was not increased after Bronkosol or isoetharine, confirming its selective beta-2 action [7].
  • MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS: During the first test, isoetharine produced a mild increase in maximum expiratory flows at 25% (MEF25) of forced vital capacity (FVC) (48 +/- 27% compared with baseline values), without significant change in the MEF25 to FVC ratio [3].
  • All patients received nebulized isoetharine inhalations and continuous IV aminophylline infusion [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of isoetharine


Biological context of isoetharine


Anatomical context of isoetharine


Associations of isoetharine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of isoetharine

  • Pulmonary function testing after nebulized 0.1% isoetharine (a bronchodilator), to test for bronchial reactivity, began midway during the study period in 15 patients [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of isoetharine

  • Lung mechanics and lower airway function were measured and compared before and after administration of aerosolized isoetharine early in the course of ECMO and again several days after ECMO [3].


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