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Gene Review

AVD  -  avidin

Gallus gallus

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Disease relevance of LOC396260


Psychiatry related information on LOC396260


High impact information on LOC396260

  • Avidin was detectable in both transformed and untransformed cultures, and was identical to chicken egg white avidin by several criteria: biotin-binding, heat-induced biotin exchange, subunit size (mol. wt. 15 600), immunoprecipitation of metabolically labeled proteins and immunoblotting [5].
  • Avidin is induced in chicken embryo fibroblasts by viral transformation and cell damage [5].
  • The presence of additional hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups in the binding site of avidin (which are missing in streptavidin) may account for its higher affinity constant [8].
  • Unexpectedly, a residual N-acetylglucosamine moiety was detected in the deglycosylated avidin monomer by difference Fourier synthesis [8].
  • Alternatively, avidin conjugated to rhodamine or avidin complexed to biotinated peroxidase has been used for mRNA detection [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of LOC396260

  • Thus, the binding properties of chicken liver galectin (CG-16) to glycoproteins (gps) and Streptococcus pneumoniae type 14 polysaccharide were studied by the biotin/avidin-mediated microtitre-plate lectin-binding assay and by the inhibition of lectin-glycan interactions with sugar ligands [10].
  • Actinomycin D (200 microgram/kg) caused ascites and subcutaneous oedema in 40--60% of the chicks, and avidin was found only in the tissues of these inflamed animals [11].

Biological context of LOC396260

  • Differences were found in some physico-chemical properties of the AVRs as compared with avidin, including lowered pI, increased glycosylation and, most notably, reversible biotin binding for two AVRs (AVR1 and AVR2) [12].
  • Despite the numerous amino acid substitutions in the subunit interface regions, the AVRs form extremely stable tetramers similar to those of avidin [12].
  • The Avd gene, as well as the cDNA, encodes a Gln residue at position 53 of the mature protein, which is in contrast to the previously determined amino-acid sequence [13].
  • The entire coding region of preavidin (pre-Avd) containing four exons was identified by comparing the Avd gene (1119 bp) with the cDNA [13].
  • Interestingly, comparison of Avd with the Avr genes showed that the introns were better conserved (on average 97%) than the exons (90%) [13].

Anatomical context of LOC396260


Associations of LOC396260 with chemical compounds

  • Avidin binds the vitamin biotin with the highest affinity known for non-covalent interactions found in nature [12].
  • In this novel recombinant avidin derivative, five out of the eight arginine residues were replaced with neutral amino acids, and two of the lysine residues were replaced by glutamic acid [17].
  • An avidin mRNA, approximately 700 nucleotides in length, was induced by a single injection of progesterone over a period of twenty four hours [14].
  • In addition to D-biotin, avidin binds an azo dye compound, 4-hydroxyazobenzene-2-carboxylic acid (HABA), but the HABA-binding properties of AVR4 are not yet known [18].
  • The object of this study was to define minimized biotin-binding fragments, or 'prorecognition sites', of either the egg-white glycoprotein avidin or its bacterial analogue streptavidin [19].

Physical interactions of LOC396260


Regulatory relationships of LOC396260


Other interactions of LOC396260

  • The gene encoding avidin (AVD) has homologues in chicken, named avidin-related genes (AVRs) [12].
  • A progestin-inducible protein, avidin, was found in part of the luminal and glandular epithelium cells but not in other PR-positive cell types [23].
  • The crude egg white extract was passed through a cation exchanger Streamline trade mark SP and the bound lysozyme was eluted with 5% ammonium carbonate, pH 9.0, containing 1 M NaCl after elution of avidin [24].
  • Thus, ovalbumin and avidin itself, containing a mixture of oligomannose and hybrid glycans at their single glycosylation sites, may well present they glycans to the processing enzymes in a display very similar to that of the avidin close complex observed here [25].
  • Also, the structures form complexes with avidin and antibiotin antibody and thus, like pyruvate carboxylase, contain biotin [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LOC396260


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