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Gene Review

Ctsk  -  cathepsin K

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Cathepsin K
 Zhao,  Väänänen,  Lark,  Stroup,  James,  Dodds,  Hwang,  Blake,  Lechowska,  Hoffman,  Smith,  Kapadia,  Liang,  Erhard,  Ru,  Dong,  Marquis,  Veber,  Gowen,  Dodds,  Nikawa,  Ikemoto,  Watanabe,  Kitano,  Kano,  Yoshimoto,  Towatari,  Katunuma,  Shizuka,  Kishi,  Marquis,  Ru,  Zeng,  Trout,  LoCastro,  Gribble,  Witherington,  Fenwick,  Garnier,  Tomaszek,  Tew,  Hemling,  Quinn,  Smith,  Zhao,  McQueney,  Janson,  D'Alessio,  Veber,  Nakamura,  Sato,  Hirata,  Yamamoto,  Vääräniemi,  Halleen,  Kaarlonen,  Ylipahkala,  Alatalo,  Andersson,  Kaija,  Vihko,  Väänänen,  Yamashita,  Marquis,  Xie,  Nidamarthy,  Oh,  Jeong,  Erhard,  Ward,  Roethke,  Smith,  Cheng,  Geng,  Lin,  Offen,  Wang,  Nevins,  Head,  Haltiwanger,  Narducci Sarjeant,  Liable-Sands,  Zhao,  Smith,  Janson,  Gao,  Tomaszek,  McQueney,  James,  Gress,  Zembryki,  Lark,  Veber,  Marquis,  Ru,  LoCastro,  Zeng,  Yamashita,  Oh,  Erhard,  Davis,  Tomaszek,  Tew,  Salyers,  Proksch,  Ward,  Smith,  Levy,  Cummings,  Haltiwanger,  Trescher,  Wang,  Hemling,  Quinn,  Cheng,  Lin,  Smith,  Janson,  Zhao,  McQueney,  D'Alessio,  Lee,  Marzulli,  Dodds,  Blake,  Hwang,  James,  Gress,  Bradley,  Lark,  Gowen,  Veber,  Tavares,  Boncek,  Deaton,  Hassell,  Long,  Miller,  Payne,  Miller,  Shewchuk,  Wells-Knecht,  Willard,  Wright,  Zhou,  Li-Korotky,  Swarts,  Hebda,  Doyle,  Altmann,  Cowan-Jacob,  Missbach,  Kishimoto,  Fukumoto,  Nishihara,  Mizumura,  Hirai,  Teshima,  Anway,  Wright,  Zirkin,  Korah,  Mort,  Hermo,  
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Disease relevance of Ctsk


High impact information on Ctsk


Chemical compound and disease context of Ctsk


Biological context of Ctsk


Anatomical context of Ctsk


Associations of Ctsk with chemical compounds

  • Epoxy succinate peptide derivatives, CLIK-066, 088, 112, 121, 148, 181, 185 and 187, are typical specific inhibitors for cathepsin L. Aldehyde derivatives CLIK-060 and CLIK-164 showed specific inhibition against cathepsin S and cathepsin K, respectively [17].
  • Structure-based development of pyridoxal propionate derivatives as specific inhibitors of cathepsin K in vitro and in vivo [18].
  • CLIK-166, in which the position 4 aldehyde of CLIK-071 is replaced by a vinyl radical and position 5 is additionally modified, showed cathepsin K-specific inhibition at 10(-5) M [18].
  • New synthetic pyridoxal propionate derivatives, -162, -163, and -164, in which the methyl arm of position 6 of CLIK-071 was additionally modified, strongly inhibited cathepsin K and cathepsin S weakly, but other cathepsins were not inhibited [18].
  • Starting from the high-throughput screening hit 1a, novel cathepsin K inhibitors have been developed based on a purine scaffold [19].

Other interactions of Ctsk

  • Further, the results suggest that cathepsin K, in both its secreted and lysosomal forms, may play a role in the degradation of Sertoli cell residual bodies [15].
  • MMP-13 may play an important role in degradation of type I collagen in bone matrix, acting in concert with cathepsin K and MMP-9 produced by osteoclasts [20].
  • Quantitative real-time PCR showed that TNF-alpha, RANK and TRAP mRNA expression did not change significantly with time, and that IL-1beta and cathepsin K changed slightly compared with those in the synovium [21].
  • Our results show the presence of vacuolar H+-ATPase, small GTPase rab7 as well as dense aggregates of F-actin at the peripheral ruffled border, where basolaterally endocytosed transferrin and cathepsin K are delivered [22].
  • The proteases MMP-13, cathepsin K, and tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP) have collagenolytic activity and have been shown in rat ligament tissues [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ctsk


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