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Mamillary Bodies

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Biological context of Mamillary Bodies


Anatomical context of Mamillary Bodies


Associations of Mamillary Bodies with chemical compounds

  • A sample of AT cells, physiologically identified by their short-latency (less than 6.5 msec) response to mammillary body (MB) stimulation, was recorded in unanesthetized, chronically implanted cats and in urethane-anesthetized cats [20].
  • The fine AP profile analysis was done by intrasubject "stacking" of contiguous coronal cross-sectional volumes (adjusted for ICV and age) across the AP plane, intersubject AP alignment of all slices relative to the mammillary bodies, and plotting of slice volumes along the AP plane with 95 percent t-test-based confidence intervals [21].
  • Specific flunitrazepam binding was seen to be highest in the colliculi, cerebral cortex, hippocampal formation, interpeduncular nucleus, mamillary body, hypothalamus, olfactory tubercle, and in the molecular layer and deep nuclei of the cerebellum [22].
  • The facilitatory and inhibitory action on NA and 5-HT (except for the mammillary body) neurons, respectively, in these regions of the brain, may be involved in mechanisms underlying the anticonflict action of anxiolytics (diazepam or suriclone) [23].
  • Ibotenic acid ablations of the mammillary body reduced PrBCM binding in ATN whereas lesions in cingulate cortex and laterodorsal tegmental nucleus had no effect [24].

Gene context of Mamillary Bodies


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mamillary Bodies


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