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Gene Review

TUBA1B  -  tubulin, alpha 1b

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: K-ALPHA-1
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Anatomical context of TUBA1B

  • The microtubule subunits are heterodimers composed of one alpha-tubulin polypeptide and one beta-tubulin polypeptide that should undergo a complex folding processing before they achieve a quaternary structure that will allow their incorporation into the polymer [17].
  • Two other cytoskeletal proteins, beta-actin and alpha-tubulin, clustered at the cell leading edge and uropod, respectively, of polarized lymphocytes [18].
  • We found that the cMyc mRNA was associated with a number of ribosomes comparable to that associated with alpha tubulin mRNA in all the cell lines tested [19].
  • Since polysome size is a function of the length of the translated sequence as well as the rate of initiation of protein synthesis, we also determined the number of ribosomes associated with a control mRNA (alpha tubulin) which codes for a protein of similar size to cMyc [19].
  • Force enhanced recruitment of alpha-tubulin and the plus end microtubule-binding protein cytoplasmic linker protein-170 (CLIP-170) at focal adhesions [20].

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