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Gene Review

Rhox5  -  reproductive homeobox 5

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AA409564, Homeobox protein Pem, Homeobox protein Rhox5, Pem, Placenta and embryonic expression protein, ...
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  • In the present study, we identified promoter sequences from the Pem homeobox gene that direct Sertoli cell-specific expression in an androgen-dependent and stage-specific manner [9].
  • Injection of either testosterone or luteinizing hormone (LH) into hypophysectomized and hpg/hpg mice restored Pem expression in the testes to normal levels [13].
  • The Pem recognition helix also has an isoleucine residue replacing an invariant asparagine residue and shares an asparagine residue at a third position with two other vertebrate homeoproteins, at least one of which binds to DNA only as a dimer [14].
  • Pem mRNA is induced 35-fold in ES cells differentiated in the absence of retinoic acid [1].
  • The interaction between mouse Pem and Cdc37 homolog was then confirmed by glutathione S-transferase pull-down assay, and the possible interaction model was suggested [15].

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