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Gene Review

Nrg1  -  neuregulin 1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 6030402G23Rik, ARIA, D230005F13Rik, GGF, GGFII, ...
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Disease relevance of Nrg1

  • The amelioration of dystrophic phenotype by heregulin-mediated utrophin up-regulation offers a pharmacological therapeutic modality and obviates many of the toxicity and delivery issues associated with viral vector-based gene therapy for DMD [1].
  • We thereby sought to determine whether overexpression of the extracellular region of HRG would be sufficient to induce mammary gland carcinomas [2].
  • A HRG construct lacking the cytoplasmic domain was targeted to the mammary gland using the murine mammary tumor virus promoter [2].
  • Based on these results, we propose that heregulin increases the expression of pro-invasive, pro-metastatic and anti-apoptotic genes in cancer cells through autocrine activation of NF-kappaB, which leads to invasive and drug-resistant growth of breast cancer [3].
  • Interactions between progestins and heregulin (HRG) signaling pathways: HRG acts as mediator of progestins proliferative effects in mouse mammary adenocarcinomas [4].

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Physical interactions of Nrg1

  • Furthermore, the neural tube activity is blocked by a hybrid protein containing the NDF-binding domain of the ErbB4 receptor, strongly implicating NDF in the physiological transition [21].
  • Heregulin receptors are unable to mediate the rapid internalization of bound ligand as demonstrated in cells transfected with chimeric or wild-type ErbB-2, -3, or -4 receptors (Baulida et al., 1996, J. Biol. Chem. 271, 5251-5257; Pinkas-Kramanski et al., 1996, EMBO J. 15, 2452-2467) [22].

Enzymatic interactions of Nrg1

  • More Retinoblastoma protein was found in the hypophosphorylated state in the cells treated with mAb ID5, whereas more retinoblastoma protein was in the hyperphosphorylated state in heregulin-treated cells [23].
  • Furthermore, neuregulin phosphorylated CREB, a well-known down-stream transcription factor of PKA [24].

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