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Gene Review

Cd36  -  CD36 molecule (thrombospondin receptor)

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Adipocyte membrane protein, Fat, Fatty acid translocase, Fatty acid transport protein, GPIIIB, ...
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Disease relevance of Cd36

  • Our results provide direct evidence that Cd36 deficiency can promote defective insulin action and disordered fatty-acid metabolism in spontaneous hypertension [1].
  • Transgenic rescue of Cd36 in SHR ameliorates insulin resistance and improves dyslipidemia [2].
  • BN-Il6/Npy congenic strain, we have found that transfer of a segment of chromosome 4 (including Cd36) from the Brown Norway (BN) rat onto the SHR background induces reductions in blood pressure and ameliorates dietary-induced glucose intolerance, hyperinsulinemia, and hypertriglyceridemia [3].
  • Thus, in obesity, alterations in fatty acid transport in metabolically important tissues are not associated with changes in fatty acid transporter mRNAs or altered fatty acid transport protein expression but with their increased abundance at the plasma membrane [4].
  • Treatment with the PPARalpha agonist resulted in LV hypertrophy (24% increase in LV/body mass ratio) and induced mRNAs encoding for PPARalpha-regulated genes, as well as protein expression and activity of medium chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase (compared with INF and INF + Fat groups) [5].

High impact information on Cd36


Chemical compound and disease context of Cd36

  • Myocardial triglyceride was unaffected by infarction but increased in the INF + Fat group [5].
  • Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers Downsize Adipocytes in Spontaneously Type 2 Diabetic Rats With Visceral Fat Obesity [8].
  • The uptake of plasma linoleic acid and its metabolism to 13-HODE by rat hepatoma 7288CTC, which expresses both fatty acid transport protein and melatonin receptors, is inhibited by melatonin in a circadian-dependent manner [9].
  • Fatty acid transport was restored by addition of any of the following: a melatonin receptor antagonist (S 20928, 1.0 nM), pertussis toxin (0.5 microg/ml), forskolin (1 microM) or 8-Br-cAMP (10 microM) [10].

Biological context of Cd36


Anatomical context of Cd36


Associations of Cd36 with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of Cd36

  • In the current studies, we developed two new SHR transgenic lines, which express wild type Cd36 under the control of the universal Ef-1 alpha promoter, and examined the effects of transgenic expression of wild type Cd36 on selected metabolic and cardiovascular phenotypes [2].

Other interactions of Cd36


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cd36


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