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Matched-Pair Analysis

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Disease relevance of Matched-Pair Analysis


Psychiatry related information on Matched-Pair Analysis

  • Similar differences in favor of halazepam were observed at the same time points on paired comparison of percent improvement from baseline in scores for physician's global assessment of psychopathology and the Hamilton Anxiety Scale [6].

High impact information on Matched-Pair Analysis

  • In contrast, when Jv was increased, paired comparison of Ralb and RDX in the same AVR revealed a difference, 1.58 +/- 0.06 vs 1.72 +/- 0.08, respectively (P less than 0.01) [7].
  • In crude matched-pair analyses, baseline concentrations of tPA antigen were higher in cases than controls (p = 0.03) and strongly associated with risk of future MI [8].
  • Illness-recovery correlations using area under the curve for GH secretion during sleep were highly significant, whereas paired comparisons showed no significant differences [9].
  • A matched-pair analysis of NF-kappa B expression was performed in cases with vascular involvement and increased tumor vascularity versus matched controls lacking these factors [10].
  • First-line high-dose chemotherapy compared with standard-dose PEB/VIP chemotherapy in patients with advanced germ cell tumors: A multivariate and matched-pair analysis [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Matched-Pair Analysis


Biological context of Matched-Pair Analysis


Anatomical context of Matched-Pair Analysis


Associations of Matched-Pair Analysis with chemical compounds

  • In paired comparisons of 100/cystatin C with iothalamate clearance at each examination, the two measures were numerically similar [25].
  • During chronic administration of 200 mg ketoconazole daily, decrements of plasma testosterone 2-4 h after drug administration were minimal and documented only by paired comparisons within subjects but not by unpaired tests between normal men and men receiving drug [26].
  • On paired comparisons, the hormone responses to MTC were lower (P less than 0.05) during the infusion of high dose DA (PRL, 2286 +/- 495% vs. 891 +/- 328%; TSH, 100 +/- 43% vs. 60 +/- 15%), but were not changed when MTC was given during the low and medium doses of DA [27].
  • Paired comparison of the results from each kit indicated that the NovoClone Target assay showed significantly lower diagnostic sensitivity (P less than 0.05) than did the Tandem Icon II or Abbott TestPack, both for urine and for serum samples [28].
  • Then a matched-pair analysis of patients treated without androgen deprivation was implemented [29].

Gene context of Matched-Pair Analysis

  • Paired comparison revealed a highly significant negative correlation between IFN-gamma and IgG (P=0.016), IgG1 (P<0.001) and IgG3 (P=0. 007) antibodies [30].
  • A matched pair analysis of normal and cancerous endometrial tissue confirmed the significance of the DPP III activity increase in the transformed tissue (n = 7, P = 0.022) [31].
  • Paired comparisons demonstrated a sexually dimorphic effect of rhGH therapy on the CYP3A activity [32].
  • The paired comparisons method of identifying developmental discrepancies with the ITPA [33].
  • Results of matched-pair analyses were calculated and revealed a significant with-in pair discordance, when comparing children with NF-1 and their siblings and when comparing children with NF-1 and their biological parents (in families with a sporadic, non-familial NF-1 child) [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Matched-Pair Analysis


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