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Radial Artery

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Associations of Radial Artery with chemical compounds

  • The mean internal radial artery diameter was determined at the beginning and after four weeks in response to brachial arterial administration of acetylcholine (ACh) (7.5, 15, 30 microg/min) and nitroglycerin (0.2 mg/min) with a transcutaneous high-resolution 10 MHz A-mode echo tracking system coupled with a Doppler device [26].
  • Adding phenoxybenzamine to radial artery graft bathing solution may improve early outcome following CABG [27].
  • RESULTS: The two drugs caused significantly different plasma levels of active renin, angiotensin I, and norepinephrine but the same effects on blood pressure, cardiac mass, radial artery wall thickness, and stiffness indices [28].
  • L-NMMA dose-dependently decreased radial blood flow (from 31 +/- 6 to 17 +/- 3 10(-3) L/min after 8 mumol/min, P < .01) but did not affect radial artery diameter (from 2.93 +/- 0.11 to 2.90 +/- 0.14 mm) [29].
  • Nitroprusside also dose-dependently increased radial artery diameter (14 +/- 4% after 20 nmol/min) but only moderately affected radial blood flow (47 +/- 21%).(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[29]

Gene context of Radial Artery


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Radial Artery


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