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Residual Volume

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Associations of Residual Volume with chemical compounds

  • In 6 normal subjects given erythromycin three times weekly for 1 month, the effect was maintained (fasting volume, 18.8 mL, P less than 0.001; residual volume, 3.7 mL, P less than 0.001) [19].
  • By 6 months, mean urinary flow rates had increased (p less than 0.05) and residual volume had decreased (p = 0.017) in the alfuzosin group, although the two groups were broadly similar with respect to increase in peak flow rate [20].
  • In this heavily pretreated patient population, most of whom had high volume residual disease, complete responses (CRs) to CBV and ABMT occurred in 25% of assessable patients with NHL and 43% of patients with HD [21].
  • Treatment with octreotide increased the mean postprandial residual volume further to 36.8 ml (p < 0.001) [22].
  • Fasting gall bladder volume was increased during simvastatin (28.7 (2.8) ml) v baseline (23.2 (2.3) ml, p < 0.01) whereas, residual volume did not differ (5.7 (0.9) ml (simvastatin) v 5.9 (0.7) (baseline) [23].

Gene context of Residual Volume


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Residual Volume


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