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Statistics, Nonparametric

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Disease relevance of Statistics, Nonparametric

  • Interestingly, 17 of 29 lymphoma patients with B symptoms (59%) as opposed to 3 of 28 lymphoma patients without B symptoms (11%) had detectable serum IL-6 levels (P < 0.001, chi 2 test); the median IL-6 level was 28.9 pg/ml (B symptoms present) versus undetectable (no B symptoms) (P < 0.005, Mann-Whitney U test) [1].
  • JAB1 was detected immunohistochemically in 43 of 53 (81%) tumors; 32 (60%) breast carcinomas showed high JAB1 expression (>50% of cells positive) and reduced or absent p27 levels (P = 0.02, Mann-Whitney U test) [2].
  • Recovery of spermatogenesis following treatment-induced azoospermia was significantly higher among the MOPP-2 patients (Mann-Whitney rank sum test, p = 0.001) [3].
  • (2) In 25 patients followed for 10 days after operation for Crohn's disease, there was a significant fall in fibronectin concentrations of 43% (p less than 0.01, Wilcoxon's rank-sum test) [4].
  • Median serum concentrations of VEGF in patients with vulvar cancer (n = 41) and healthy female controls (n = 130) were 260 (range, 33-1216) pg/ml and 216 (range, 0-777) pg/ml, respectively (Mann-Whitney U test, P = 0.048) [5].

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Associations of Statistics, Nonparametric with chemical compounds

  • The clinical course of the two groups, as judged by a newly designed SVT-severity scale, started to differ in favour of the heparin group after 3 days of treatment (p less than 0.05, Mann-Whitney U-test) and the difference remained significant (p less than 0.01) after 8 days of treatment [30].
  • Myocardial flows after dipyridamole, however, did not show a normal frequency distribution (Kolmogorov-Smirnov test), and two patient populations could be identified [31].
  • The in vivo antitumor effect of the cell-specific immunotoxin plus monensin emulsion was superior to immunotoxin alone or to immunotoxin plus monensin in buffer (P less than 0.03; Mann-Whitney U test) [32].
  • BrdUrd-labeled 6TG-resistant cells were enumerated flow cytometrically using fluorescent microspheres as an internal standard and the nonparametric, Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was used for independent statistical analysis of the subpopulations of fluorescent, 6TG-resistant cells [33].
  • After clonidine administration, growth hormone rose in PSP subjects (median increase 4.3; interquartile range 1.8-7.8 mU/l) and controls, unlike MSA subjects (0.9; 0.3-2.4 mU/l; P < 0.005, Mann-Whitney U-test) [34].

Gene context of Statistics, Nonparametric

  • Associations between RR, PFI, and primary tumor characteristics including ER, PgR, and AR levels were examined using the Mann-Whitney U test, Kaplan-Meier product-limit estimator, and Cox proportional hazards regression, as appropriate [35].
  • There was a statistically significant difference between the slope value of VEGF-positive tumors and that of VEGF-negative tumors (Mann-Whitney U test, P <.0001) [36].
  • Mann-Whitney rank sum test was applied to compare the expression amounts of different mucin genes in tissues [37].
  • Moreover, DNA adducts were also raised in workers without GSTM1 activity (GSTM1-null genotype) (Mann-Whitney U-test, z = 2.25, P = 0.0246) [38].
  • The Mann-Whitney U test was used to compare the median mRNA copy numbers of the symptomatic with the asymptomatic carriers of the mutant PRPF31 allele [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Statistics, Nonparametric


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