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Chemical Compound Review

thymidine     1-[(2R,4S,5R)-4-hydroxy-5...

Synonyms: Thymidin, DThyd, dThd, deoxythymidine, Beta-Thymidine, ...
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Disease relevance of deoxythymidine


High impact information on deoxythymidine


Chemical compound and disease context of deoxythymidine


Biological context of deoxythymidine


Anatomical context of deoxythymidine

  • We report a method to test for this proliferative stimulus in the form of a sensitive microassay based upon the tritiated-thymidine incorporation of continuous murine tumor-specific cytotoxic T cell lines (CTLL) [17].
  • Native LDL (20 to 200 micrograms/mL) caused a dose-dependent increase in (3H)thymidine incorporation and increased mesangial cell numbers over 96 h [12].
  • After MSH injections, the level of (3H)thymidine incorporation in keratinocytes increased significantly in black skin but not in white [18].
  • The autoimmune response had been assayed both by determination of the lymphocyte proliferation, using a (3H)thymidine incorporation test, as well as by determination of their specific cytostatic activity against monolayer-forming testis cells which was measured in a terminal 51Cr uptake assay [19].
  • The mitogenic activity of eluted fractions on quiescent subconfluent Swiss Albino 3T3 fibroblasts was tested employing a tritiated-thymidine-incorporation assay [20].

Associations of deoxythymidine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of deoxythymidine


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of deoxythymidine

  • The chimeric spleen cells lacked responsiveness to host-type, but not to third-party, antigens in the mixed-leukocyte reaction (MLR) as judged by (3H)thymidine incorporation and the generation of cytolytic cells [31].
  • Tritiated-thymidine autoradiographic techniques and 5-bromo-2;-deoxyuridine (BrdU) immunocytochemistry were used to identify cells synthesizing DNA [32].
  • Effect of a copper IUD on the incorporation of (3H)thymidine and (5-3H)uridine into the endometrium of the rabbit during early pregnancy [33].
  • To evaluate this hypothesis we examined the effect of IL-4 on the proportion of B cells stimulated to divide by different doses of anti-IgM using flow cytometry in combination with measurements of tritiated-thymidine incorporation [34].
  • Xenograft tumors exhibited in vivo-like three-dimensional growth on the collagen gel matrix and had increasing incorporation of tritiated (3H)thymidine for 2 weeks [35].


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