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Kidney Medulla

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Biological context of Kidney Medulla


Anatomical context of Kidney Medulla


Associations of Kidney Medulla with chemical compounds

  • This study is aimed both at characterizing an ATPase activity in rat kidney equivalent to the proton pump described in bovine kidney medulla and at localizing this enzyme along the nephron [20].
  • However, a probe to the NH2-terminal region was fully protected only by brain and adrenal medullary RNA indicating the likelihood of one or more isozyme(s) divergent in this region in the kidney papilla [21].
  • Biosynthesis of prostaglandins in rabbit kidney medulla. Properties of prostaglandin synthase [22].
  • These results are discussed in the light of our former hypothesis that arachidonic acid release from kidney medulla phospholipids might occur through the sequential action of a phospholipase C coupled to diacylglycerol and monoacylglycerol lipases [Fujimoto, Akamatsu, Hattori & Fujita (1984) Biochem. J. 218, 69-74] [23].
  • We have investigated the effects of phospholipase A2 and C on the synthesis of prostaglandin E2 in rabbit kidney medulla and the release of fatty acids from the medulla slices [24].

Gene context of Kidney Medulla

  • A cDNA encoding rat AQP3, a water channel and a member of the MIP family, that is expressed predominantly in kidney medulla and colon was cloned recently [25].
  • Whereas ADD1 is ubiquitously distributed, ADD3 is more expressed in kidney medulla and cortex than in fetal kidney, while in adult liver it is less abundant than in fetal liver [26].
  • After LPS treatment, changes in COX-2 immunoreactivity could be observed in interstitial cells in the kidney medulla and in inner cortical cells in the adrenal gland [27].
  • Both Atp7a and Atp7b are expressed in glomeruli; however, Atp7b is also seen in the kidney medulla [28].
  • In the kidney medulla, GAPDH was concentrated in the basolateral membrane of type A intercalated cells, where it colocalized with the alternatively spliced kidney form of AE1 [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Kidney Medulla


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