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Chemical Compound Review

zolpidem     N,N-dimethyl-2-[3-methyl-8- (4...

Synonyms: Sanval, Zolpidemum, Lorex, CHEMBL911, Zolpidem (INN), ...
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Disease relevance of zolpidem


Psychiatry related information on zolpidem


High impact information on zolpidem


Chemical compound and disease context of zolpidem


Biological context of zolpidem

  • In this study, the effects of rifampin on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of zolpidem were studied [18].
  • RESULTS: Kinetics of zaleplon and zolpidem were not significantly related to dose [19].
  • All granule cell GABAR currents were uniformly sensitive to Zn2+ (IC50 = 29 microM), diazepam (EC50 = 158 nM), zolpidem (EC50 = 75 nM), and dimethoxyl-4-ethyl-beta-carboline-3-carboxylate (IC50 = 60 nM) [20].
  • Hence, alpha 5 beta 3 gamma 3 recpetors are not a major fraction of the native zolpidem-insensitive receptors, even though their genes are colocalized on mouse chromosome 7 and on human chromosome 15 [21].
  • Short- and long-term memory (paired words associate and pictures test), psychomotor performances (critical flicker fusion frequency, choice reaction time, digit symbol substitution test), and postural sway were evaluated before and 1.5, 4, 6, and 8 h after the administration of a single dose of zolpidem (10 mg), triazolam (0.25 mg), and placebo [9].

Anatomical context of zolpidem


Associations of zolpidem with other chemical compounds

  • However, zaleplon had more rapid elimination (apparent elimination half-life [t1/2] of 1 hour) and higher apparent oral clearance (approximately 4300 mL/min) than zolpidem (t1/2, 2.0 to 2.2 hours; apparent oral clearance, 340 to 380 mL/min) [19].
  • The imidazopyridine zolpidem (Ambien) is one of the most commonly prescribed sleep aids in the United States (Rush, 1998) [13].
  • In our pursuit to identify selective ligands for Bz/GABA(A) receptor subtypes, a novel pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine derivative (4), the azaisostere of zolpidem, was synthesized and evaluated in vitro on bovine brain homogenate and on recombinant benzodiazepine receptors (alphaxbeta2/3gamma2, x = 1-3, 5) expressed in HEK293 cells [25].
  • Expression of specific GABAA, receptor subunit assemblies in Xenopus oocytes was utilized to evaluate functionally both the efficacy and potency of the positive modulation of GABA-evoked Cl- currents by 7f and 7m in comparison with Zolpidem [26].
  • Placebo, zolpidem (5, 10, and 20 mg/70 kg), triazolam (0.125, 0.25, and 0.50 mg/70 kg), and temazepam (15, 30, and 60 mg/70 kg) were administered orally in a randomized, double-blind, cross-over design [27].

Gene context of zolpidem

  • We conclude that the formation of alcohol derivatives of zolpidem is rate-limiting and principally mediated by CYP3A4 [28].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The incomplete dependence of zolpidem clearance on CYP3A activity has clinical implications for susceptibility to metabolic inhibition [29].
  • Microsomes containing human cytochromes CYP1A2, 2C9, 2C19, 2D6, and 3 A4 expressed by cDNA-transfected human lymphoblastoid cells mediated zolpidem metabolism in vitro [29].
  • The distinct affinities of recombinant receptors for CI 218,872 suggested that the alpha 5 beta 3 gamma 2 receptor is the dominant zolpidem-insensitive GABAA receptor in the brain [21].
  • Here, we have tested the effects of zolpidem on the hippocampus of gamma2 subunit (gamma2F77I) point mutant mice [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of zolpidem


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