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Chemical Compound Review

Limaprost     (E)-7-[(1R,2S,3R)-3-hydroxy- 2-[(E,3S,5S)-3...

Synonyms: Limaprostum, SureCN373011, ONO-1206, CHEMBL2107456, OP-1206, ...
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Disease relevance of ONO 1206

  • Rapid effect of oral limaprost in Raynaud's disease in childhood [1].
  • A synthetic analog of prostaglandin E(1), OP-1206 (17S,20-dimethyl-trans-Delta(2)-prostaglandin E(1); 0.5 microg/kg body weight) was orally administered to rats twice a day for 5 days [2].
  • Rats were treated orally with 300 micrograms/kg/day OP-1206 alpha-cyclodextrin clathrate (OP-1206), a stable PGE1 analogue, for 14 days after photodynamic retinal vascular thrombosis by rose Bengal [3].
  • Six hours after the sixth-administration of OP-1206, the level of the thermal hyperesthesia was attenuated in a dose-dependent manner, and this effect lasted more than 1 day after the last drug administration [4].
  • These data show that oral treatment with OP-1206 alpha-CD is effective in improving walking dysfunction induced by spinal canal stenosis, and this therapeutic effect is likely mediated by improved SCBF at the territory of spinal stenosis [5].

Psychiatry related information on ONO 1206


High impact information on ONO 1206

  • In a morphometric analysis of myelinated nerve fibers (MNFs) in long-term diabetes, the mean diameter of the largest 10% of MNFs was significantly reduced in untreated diabetic compared with control rats, but OP-1206 completely reversed this reduction [7].
  • OP-1206 increased phosphorylation of the 50,000 mol. wt vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein, at concentrations of 7.9-79 nM, which inhibited aggregation induced by STA2 [8].
  • (8R*, 9S*, 11S*)-(-)-9-Hydroxy-9-n-hexyloxy-8-methyl-2,3,9,10- tetrahydro-8,11-epoxy-1H, 8H, 11H-2, 7b, 11a-triazadibenzo(a,g)-cycloocta(c,d,e)trinden-1-one (KT-5720), a specific inhibitor of A kinase, not only reversed the inhibition by OP-1206 of STA2-induced platelet aggregation, but also inhibited the OP-1206-induced protein phosphorylation [8].
  • We have recently reported that coadministration of 17 S,20-dimethyl- trans- lower right triangle (2)-prostaglandin E(1) (OP-1206), a stable synthetic analogue of prostaglandin E(1), with 5-FU to rats protects the small intestine from 5-FU-induced damage [9].
  • The present study provides evidence that oral treatment with the prostaglandin E1 analog (OP-1206 alpha-CD) is effective in improving motor dysfunction and spinal cord blood flow in rats with spinal compression [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of ONO 1206


Biological context of ONO 1206


Anatomical context of ONO 1206


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Gene context of ONO 1206

  • OP-1206 cyclodextrin clathrate (OP-1206 CD: prostaglandin E1 derivate) and ONO-4819 CD (a highly selective EP4 agonist) were intravenously administrated [20].
  • These findings suggest an important role for ADF in the OP-1206-dependent suppression of retinal tissue damage caused by oxidative insult [3].
  • We also observed a short-term effect of limaprost on renal hemodynamics in three cases with diabetic nephropathy [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ONO 1206


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