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Chemical Compound Review

Nicarbazin     1,3-bis(4-nitrophenyl)urea; 4,6-dimethyl...

Synonyms: Nicrazin, Nicoxin, Nicrazine, Nirazin, Nicarb, ...
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Disease relevance of EINECS 209-607-7

  • Thermal polypnea was observed in both experiments, but, although there were no treatment differences in Experiment 1, RR was lower (P less than .05) in the last hour of heat stress for Nicarbazin-fed birds in Experiment 2 [1].
  • Nicarbazin at levels ranging from 100 to 200 mg/kg significantly (P less than .05) depressed weight gain and feed efficiency [2].
  • Lack of effect of dietary factors on nicarbazin toxicity in broiler chicks [2].
  • Liquid chromatographic determination of 4,4'-dinitrocarbanilide, the active component of the infertility agent nicarbazin, in chicken, duck, goose, and snake eggs [3].
  • Intestinal weight, as a percent of body weight, was not significantly affected when body weight was suppressed with a high level of nicarbazin added to a practical diet, but it was significantly reduced when bacitracin was added to the semipurified diet and chicks were restricted in food intake to 70% of controls [4].

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Biological context of EINECS 209-607-7


Anatomical context of EINECS 209-607-7

  • Egg yolk mottling generally increased along with the level and duration of feeding NCZ [15].
  • Lack of interactive effect of nicarbazin and dietary energy-to-protein ratio on performance and abdominal fat pad weight of broiler chicks [16].
  • The narasin/nicarbazin mixture (50/50) appears primarily to prevent further development of sporozoites [17].
  • 3. It is suggested that nicarbazin not only prevents yolk deposition within the ovary but also adversely affects the stimulatory function of the hypothalamus, possibly through an unsuitable hormonal environment [18].
  • The incidence of oocysts was monitored in the litter at two broiler farms where birds were reared to 8 wk of age using a shuttle program involving nicarbazin (from 0 to 21 days of age) and salinomycin (from 21 to 44 days of age) [19].

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