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Gene Review

Lifr  -  leukemia inhibitory factor receptor

Mus musculus

Synonyms: A230075M04Rik, AW061234, D-factor/LIF receptor, LIF, LIF receptor, ...
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Disease relevance of Lifr


High impact information on Lifr


Biological context of Lifr


Anatomical context of Lifr


Associations of Lifr with chemical compounds

  • 5. Despite a 3-fold induction of hypothalamic CRH mRNA, pituitary POMC mRNA and RU486-induced ACTH levels were decreased in Lifr -/- mice [10].
  • A strong level of LIFR mRNA signal was detected in the luminal epithelium on day 5 of pregnancy [6].
  • For example, a transient overlapping expression of LIFR and gp130 was evident at 12 h after estrogen-induced termination of delayed implantation [13].
  • We found that expression of c-Fos, c-Jun, and JunB was induced upon LIF treatment whereas that of JunD, the tyrosine phosphatase ESP, and the components of the LIF receptor remained unaffected [14].
  • Because corticosterone is known to have a broad range of effects and LIF function has been associated with the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis, this study was designed to determine the role for LIFR in the fetus when exposed to the elevated maternal glucocorticoid levels of late gestation [15].

Physical interactions of Lifr

  • Because the action of LIF is indirect and mediated by stromal cells, we hypothesized that LIF binds to the LIF receptor on AC6.21 stromal cells, leading to up-regulated production of stem cell expansion promoting factor (SCEPF) and/or down-regulated production of stem cell expansion inhibitory factor (SCEIF) [16].
  • The low-affinity receptor for leukemia inhibitory factor (LIFR) interacts with gp130 to induce an intracellular signal cascade [17].
  • LIF-R and IP-R activation induced binding of CREB and/or ATF-1 to C/EBP promoters and CREB-dependent transcription [18].

Regulatory relationships of Lifr


Other interactions of Lifr


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Lifr


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