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Gene Review

DPYS  -  dihydropyrimidinase

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DHP, DHPase, Dihydropyrimidinase, Dihydropyrimidine amidohydrolase, Hydantoinase
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Disease relevance of DPYS


High impact information on DPYS


Chemical compound and disease context of DPYS

  • Indeed, the data from dihydropyridine-based calcium antagonist (DHP) trails are consistent in that they could not protect against new-onset heart failure or progression of renal disease in patients with left-ventricular systolic dysfunction or overt proteinuria, respectively [7].
  • A partial dihydropyrimidinase deficiency proved to be a novel pharmacogenetic disorder associated with severe 5FU toxicity [8].
  • These prospective studies will provide further valuable information whether nifedipine may be a preferred DHP to achieve BP goals in hypertensive patients with systolic dysfunction or overt proteinuria [7].

Biological context of DPYS


Anatomical context of DPYS

  • Exposure to DHP also resulted in increasedlhbmRNA levels toward final oocyte maturation [12].
  • Quantitative image analysis of the fluorescence emitted by the protoplasts showed the existence of interactions between PAA- and DHP-binding sites [13].
  • By using RT-PCR amplification, Western blot with antibodies directed against the alpha1D subunit, binding assays with specific agonists or antagonists, and inhibition with specific antisense oligonucleotides, we show that DHP receptors are expressed and functional in primary human monocytes [14].
  • Hepatocytes that contain both dihydropyrimidinase and dihydroorotase completely hydrolyzed dexrazoxane to ADR-925 and released it into the extracellular medium [15].
  • Treatment of postvitellogenic ovarian follicles with IGF-I and b-insulin increased concentration of maturation-inducing hormone (MIH), 17alpha,20beta-dihydroxy-4-pregnane-3-one (DHP) in the medium [16].

Associations of DPYS with chemical compounds


Other interactions of DPYS


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DPYS


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