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Gene Review

AMELX  -  amelogenin, X-linked

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: AI1E, AIH1, ALGN, AMG, AMGL, ...
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Disease relevance of AMELX


Psychiatry related information on AMELX

  • At effective doses, AMG 9810 did not show any significant effects on motor function, as measured by open field locomotor activity and motor coordination tests [6].
  • The AMG is a picture-based measure that combines features of the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT; Murray, 1943) with features of self-report questionnaires [7].

High impact information on AMELX

  • Transport of beta-D-Glc-IPM and glucose by SAAT1 is apparently performed by the same mechanism because similar sodium dependence, dependence on membrane potential, electrogenicity, and phlorizin inhibition were determined for beta-D-Glc-IPM, D-glucose, and AMG [8].
  • We have isolated genomic and cDNA clones from both the AMGX and AMGY loci and have studied the sequence organization of these two genes [9].
  • AMG 706 was well tolerated and had no significant effects on body weight or on the general health of the animals [10].
  • Histologic analysis of tumor xenografts from AMG 706-treated animals revealed an increase in endothelial apoptosis and a reduction in blood vessel area that preceded an increase in tumor cell apoptosis [10].
  • Moreover, the sensitivity of CD44-induced adhesion to AMG and H7, which both prevent the activation of protein kinase C, and to cytochalasin B, which inhibits microfilament formation, suggests that the activation of the LFA-1 pathway via CD44 involves protein kinase C activation and requires an intact cytoskeleton [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of AMELX

  • A "plasmid-curing effect" of multiresistant Escherichia coli by flavophospholipol, an antibiotic used as an antimicrobial growth promoter (AMGP) in animal feeds, has been reported to occur in vitro and in vivo under experimental conditions [12].
  • In vivo, AMG 9810 is effective at preventing capsaicin-induced eye wiping in a dose-dependent manner, and it reverses thermal and mechanical hyperalgesia in a model of inflammatory pain induced by intraplantar injection of complete Freund's adjuvant [6].
  • Two ongoing large, randomized, placebo-controlled studies will prospectively define fracture outcomes in men with prostate cancer and assess the efficacy of novel pharmacologic interventions (AMG 162, toremifene) in GnRH-agonist-treated men [13].

Biological context of AMELX


Anatomical context of AMELX

  • Three types of multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli isolates, called GEN S, GEN R, and AMG S, according to their three different aminoglycoside resistance patterns, were responsible for urinary tract colonization or infection in 87, 12, and 13 new patients, respectively, in a French 650-bed geriatric hospital over a 13-month period [19].
  • The prevalence and degree (proportion of resistant strains to the total numbers present per gram of feces) of resistance of indicator bacteria, E. coli and enterococci, was determined in fecal samples from three groups of pigs that were fed a commercial finisher feed without any AMGP [12].
  • BACKGROUND/AIMS: We have reported quantitative and qualitative differences in bone marrow (BM) progenitor cells in autoimmune hepatitis type-1 (AIH-1) and primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) [20].
  • We studied the motion perception of a patient, AMG, who had a lesion in the left occipital lobe centered on visual areas V3 and V3A, with involvement of underlying white matter [21].
  • METHODS: HDL3 and albumin-mediated cholesterol efflux was measured in mouse peritoneal macrophages and in SR-BI transfected cells that had been treated along time with dicarbonyl sugars or AGE-albumin, both in the presence or in the absence of AMG and MF [22].

Associations of AMELX with chemical compounds

  • At membrane potentials between -50 and -150 mV, a 10-fold higher substrate affinity (Km approximately 0.25 mM) and a 10-fold lower Vmax value were estimated for beta-D-Glc-IPM transport than for the transport of D-glucose or methyl-alpha-D-glucopyranoside (AMG) [8].
  • Herein we provide a brief overview of recent reported clinical results for AMG 548, BIRB 796, VX 702, SCIO 469, and SCIO 323 [23].
  • Phlorizin (1 mM) inhibits AMG uptake by 30 to 40% [24].
  • Group A was the negative control group without any AMGP, group B received the same feed with 9 mg of flavophospholipol/kg of feed (study group), and group C received the same feed with 15 mg of avoparcin/kg (positive control) [12].
  • Some rats were pretreated with aminoguanidine (AMG, 50 mg/Kg BW in drinking water) before the procedure [25].

Enzymatic interactions of AMELX


Regulatory relationships of AMELX

  • To date, 12 allelic AMELX mutations have been described that purportedly result in markedly different expressed amelogenin protein products [27].

Other interactions of AMELX

  • Alternatively, multiple amelogenins may arise by expression of both the AMELX and AMELY loci [28].
  • Although X-linked, autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive forms of AI have been clinically characterized, only two genes (AMELX and ENAM) have been associated with AI [29].
  • Polymerase chain reaction amplification of AMGX and AMGY was successful using genomic DNA from both tumour and normal control tissue in 24 of the 26 cases [3].
  • Linkage analysis has shown that there is genetic hetetogeneity in X-linked amelogenesis imperfecta with two identified loci: AIH1 and AIH3 [30].
  • 3. End-sequencing and database analysis revealed a YAC insert of at least 416 kb containing the genes HCCS and AMELX, and exons 2-16 of ARHGAP6 [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of AMELX


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