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Gene Review

Klk1c3  -  kallikrein 1-related peptidase C3

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: KLK3, Klk1c10l2, RSGK-50, RSKG-50, rGK-3
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Disease relevance of LOC292872

  • CONCLUSIONS: These findings indicated that kallikrein gene delivery attenuates hypertension and protects against renal injury and cardiac remodeling in the rat remnant kidney model of chronic renal failure [1].
  • Two weeks after gene delivery, the effect of kallikrein on renal fibrosis was examined by biochemical and histologic analysis [2].
  • Myocardial hypertrophy and fibrosis were also attenuated in rats receiving kallikrein gene delivery [1].
  • A maximal blood pressure reduction of 37 mm Hg was observed within one week in rats receiving kallikrein gene delivery as compared with control rats receiving adenovirus containing the luciferase gene (159 +/- 5 vs. 196 +/- 6 mm Hg, N = 15, P < 0.001), and a significant blood pressure difference continued for five weeks postgene delivery [1].
  • In Western blot analyses, a specific monoclonal antibody to tissue kallikrein (V4D11) identifies GH3-secreted kallikrein as a approximately 39,000 Da protein, slightly larger than approximately 38,000 Da kallikreins of submandibular gland, mouse anterior pituitary cells (AtT 20) or rodent neuroblastoma X glioma hybrid cells (NG108) [3].

Psychiatry related information on LOC292872

  • Water deprivation for 24 h resulted, also in both strains, in a similar reduction in urinary kallikrein excretion [4].

High impact information on LOC292872

  • These pulmonary lesions were prevented when the infected animals were treated with H-D-Pro-Phe-Arg-chloromethylketone, an inhibitor of coagulation factor XII and plasma kallikrein, suggesting that inhibition of contact system activation could be used therapeutically in severe infectious disease [5].
  • Hoe 140, a bradykinin B2-receptor antagonist, had no effect on the hypotensive effect of kallistatin yet it abolished the blood pressure-lowering effect of kinin and kallikrein [6].
  • Kallistatin is a serine proteinase inhibitor which binds to tissue kallikrein and inhibits its activity [6].
  • A maximal effect of blood pressure reduction of 46 mmHg in rats was observed 2-3 wk after injection with kallikrein DNA as compared to rats with vector DNA (n = 6, P < 0.05) [7].
  • These results show that direct gene delivery of human tissue kallikrein causes a sustained reduction in systolic blood pressure in genetically hypertensive rats and indicate that the feasibility of kallikrein gene therapy for treating human hypertension should be studied [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of LOC292872


Biological context of LOC292872


Anatomical context of LOC292872


Associations of LOC292872 with chemical compounds

  • The results indicate that T-kininogenase belongs to the group of structurally similar yet distinct kallikrein-like serine proteases [12].
  • After gene delivery, human kallikrein mRNA was identified at the injured vessel and a 3-fold increase occurred in kininogenase activity. cAMP and cGMP levels in balloon-injured aorta increased significantly at 4, 7, and 14 days after kallikrein gene delivery, but icatibant abolished the increase [13].
  • In dot blot analysis, kallikrein mRNA levels were increased 5-fold by 17 beta-estradiol in the whole pituitary of castrated male rats [18].
  • Kallikrein gene delivery significantly decreased total urinary protein and albumin excretion and increased levels of urinary kinin, nitrite/nitrate, and cGMP levels [1].
  • Tissue kallikrein synthesis and its modification by testosterone or low dietary sodium [17].

Regulatory relationships of LOC292872


Other interactions of LOC292872


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LOC292872


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