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Gene Review

IL10RA  -  interleukin 10 receptor, alpha

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CD210, CD210a, CDW210A, CDw210a, HIL-10R, ...
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Disease relevance of IL10RA


High impact information on IL10RA


Chemical compound and disease context of IL10RA

  • The significance of two SNPs of the interleukin-10 receptor 1 (IL-10R1), S138G (SNP3) and G330R (SNP4) was investigated on (i) susceptibility to CHC, (ii) progression of hepatic fibrosis and (iii) response to interferon/ribavirin therapy [10].

Biological context of IL10RA


Anatomical context of IL10RA


Associations of IL10RA with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of IL10RA


Other interactions of IL10RA

  • In contrast, surface IL-10R1 and IL-10 binding activity diminished in mature DCs [29].
  • The second form of interaction requires a motif termed Box 2B, which is present in the IFNgammaRalpha/IFNGR1 (SILLPKS) and IL10Ralpha/IL10R1 (SVLLFKK) chains [30].
  • Putative candidate genes mapping close to the 19 novel markers include the IL10RA and CD3E genes on 11q23 (which both lie close to the marker D11S1998) [31].
  • IL-19 does not bind or signal through the canonical IL-10 receptor complex, suggesting existence of an IL-19 specific receptor complex, the identity of which remains to be discovered [32].
  • Furthermore we could show that IL-4, IFN-gamma, FK506, loratadine and UVA enhance the mRNA levels of the IL-10R1 in vitro in normal cultured keratinocytes [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of IL10RA


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