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Gene Review

Galr1  -  galanin receptor 1

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: GAL1-R, GALR-1, Galanin receptor type 1, Galnr, Galnr1
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Disease relevance of Galr1


Psychiatry related information on Galr1

  • Activity of centrally administered galanin fragments on stimulation of feeding behavior and on galanin receptor binding in the rat hypothalamus [6].
  • The results clearly support the hypothesis that neuropeptides such as GAL are an integral component of the neural response to psychological stress, although the functional significance of the changes in GAL receptor density described in this study awaits elucidation [7].
  • Nonpeptide, bioavailable, subtype-selective galanin receptor antagonists may provide tools to test the hypothesis that antagonism of endogenous galanin, which is overexpressed in the basal forebrain in Alzheimer's patients, can contribute to the alleviation of the cognitive deficits associated with Alzheimer's disease [8].

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