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Gene Review

PFN2  -  profilin 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: D3S1319E, PFL, Profilin II, Profilin-2
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Disease relevance of PFN2


High impact information on PFN2


Chemical compound and disease context of PFN2


Biological context of PFN2

  • The putative mouse homolog of PFN2 was mapped to mouse chromosome 3, thus suggesting a localization for the mouse homolog of USH3 [11].
  • RESULTS: In the first cycle of PFL chemotherapy, GM-CSF significantly reduced the incidence, mean duration, and mean area under the curve (AUC) of severe oral gross mucositis (grade > or = 3) compared with no therapy [4].
  • In the early stage, downregulation of collagens and keratins, together with upregulation of profilin 2 and ICAM-2, suggested cytoskeletal changes and cell adhesion remodeling [12].
  • The objectives of this study were to establish the maximum tolerated dose of vinorelbine in combination with PFL, and to define the overall response rate in a cohort of patients treated with the maximum tolerated dose [13].
  • In the present study, leachates of solid wastes from a polyfiber factory (PFL), an aeronautical plant (AEL), and a municipal sludge leachate (MSL) were assessed for their ability to induce DNA damage in human peripheral blood lymphocytes using the alkaline Comet assay [14].

Anatomical context of PFN2


Associations of PFN2 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of PFN2

  • The 115 differences detected again emphasized the abundance of neurons in the olfactory organ, especially a cluster of mRNAs encoding cytoskeletal-associated proteins and cell adhesion molecules such as 14-3-3zeta, actins, tubulins, trophinin, Fax, Yel077cp, suppressor of profilin 2, and gelsolin [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PFN2


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