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Chemical Compound Review

HOSu     1-hydroxypyrrolidine-2,5-dione

Synonyms: SureCN1123, PubChem10972, AGN-PC-0CSDC2, CHEMBL403753, SureCN785147, ...
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Disease relevance of CCRIS 2604


Psychiatry related information on CCRIS 2604


High impact information on CCRIS 2604

  • Cross-linking reagents that contain NEM as one reactive group, and N-hydroxysuccinimide as the other, were used to study the topography of the 43 kd protein in AChR-rich membranes [7].
  • Cross-linking of 125I-IL-4 at relatively low concentrations in the presence of the cross-linking agent 3,3'-dithiobis(propionic acid hydroxysuccinimide ester) resulted in the detection of the previously described 60- to 75-kDa protein [8].
  • N-hydroxysuccinimide esters of saturated fatty acids ranging from C8 to C18 were reacted with recombinant human TNF [9].
  • Despite the low affinity for MTX, the folate-binding protein could be specifically labeled by an N-hydroxysuccinimide ester of [3H]MTX and appeared to have a molecular weight of 44,000 as shown by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis [10].
  • By co-expression and N-hydroxysuccinimide methotrexate (Mtx) radioaffinity labeling of hRFC TMD 1-6 and TMD 7-12 half-molecules, combined with endoproteinase GluC digestion, a substrate binding domain was previously localized to within TMDs 8-12 (Witt, T. L., Stapels, S. E., and Matherly, L. H. (2004) J. Biol. Chem. 279, 46755-46763) [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of CCRIS 2604


Biological context of CCRIS 2604


Anatomical context of CCRIS 2604

  • The generation of potent anti-AED-NH2 CTL and helper T cell responses in C57BL/6N mice sharply contrasted with the failure of NH2-reactive haptens studied thus far to generate strong anti-hapten cytotoxic responses in H-2b mice [16].
  • Profilin and beta/gamma-actin from calf thymus were covalently linked using the zero-length cross-linker 1-ethyl-3-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)-carbodiimide in combination with N-hydroxysuccinimide, yielding a single product with an apparent molecular mass of 60 kDa [20].
  • The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of an alternative method for crosslinking of collagen, using N-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)-N'-ethylcarbodiimide (EDC) in combination with N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS), on various cellular functions of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) in vitro [21].
  • Treatment with the N-hydroxysuccinimide of folic acid, which blocks FR-alpha activity, showed only a partial inhibition (about 20%) of folate internalization in all the cell lines [22].
  • Synthesis and characterization of N-hydroxysuccinimide ester chemical affinity derivatives of asialoorosomucoid that covalently cross-link to galactosyl receptors on isolated rat hepatocytes [23].

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Gene context of CCRIS 2604


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CCRIS 2604


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