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Gene Review

PCS  -  Parotid proline-rich salivary protein Pc

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of PCS

  • CONCLUSIONS: The study identified exertional dyspnea as the main determinant of QoL as measured both by SF36 (PCS) and GHQ [1].
  • Patients with early (< or = 6 weeks) rapid PCS weight gain were 4.6 times more likely to gain substantial (> or = 15%) weight long-term (weeks 7-76) [2].
  • Veterans with spinal cord injury reported slightly lower PCS than veterans with Parkinson's disease (32.38 v 32.72; 0.03 of 1 SD) [3].
  • PURPOSE: To analyze the effect of total treatment time on infield pelvic control and survival for squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix using the combined 1973 and 1978 Patterns of Care (PCS) data base [4].
  • Each infant's summed total of daily PCS scores, a single AIM score, and birth weight were extracted from the hospital's decision-support data files and used as independent variables in regression analyses to determine correlations with lengths of hospital stay, ancillary resource utilizations, and hospital charges [5].

Psychiatry related information on PCS

  • RESULTS: Pain, with respect to disability and PCS, and depressive symptoms, with respect to MCS, were more important predictors than radiographic damage and disease activity [6].
  • We compared rural to urban prevalence of disease categories as well as urban to rural health-related quality-of-life physical health component summary scores (PCS) and mental health component summary scores (MCS) for each disease category [7].
  • OBJECTIVE: This study examined the predictive factors for the physical and mental summary components (PCS and MCS) of quality of life (SF-36) in patients with anorexia nervosa [8].
  • Investigation of the psychometric characteristics of the PCS substantially replicates findings reported by its developers [9].
  • Teachers provided ratings from a parallel version of the PCS and reported on the behavioral and social development of each child through the Child Behavior Checklist [9].

High impact information on PCS

  • Preparations of short-term colcemid-treated cells contained those cells with chromosomes in total PCS and all or clusters of them encapsulated by nuclear membranes [10].
  • Their metaphases had total premature chromatid separation (total PCS) and mosaic variegated aneuploidy [10].
  • Solute reduction ratios were 20 +/- 9% for PCS, 30 +/- 7% for indican, and 69 +/- 5% for urea [11].
  • HPLC analysis of plasma from hemodialysis patients contained a peak whose mobility corresponded to synthetic p-cresol sulfate (PCS) but no detectable unconjugated p-cresol [11].
  • PCS is poorly removed by hemodialysis because its clearance is limited by protein binding and the ratio of its volume of distribution to its clearance is high [11].

Biological context of PCS

  • Multiple regression analysis was used to assess the associations between adiposity measures (BMI, WC) and quality of life outcomes (PCS, MCS) [12].
  • We present here a collection of DNA sequence analysis programs, called "PC Sequence" (PCS), which are designed to run on the IBM Personal Computer (PC) [13].
  • Volumes of distribution for the protein-bound solutes were greater than the plasma volume, averaging 15 +/- 7 L for PCS and 14 +/- 3 L for indican as compared with 37 +/- 7 for urea [11].
  • Phosphorylation of the modulator protein of the ATP, Mg-dependent protein phosphatase by casein kinase TS. Reversal by PCS phosphatases and control by distinct phosphorylation site(s) [14].
  • The role of PCS in the syndrome(s) remains uncertain since some patients with the characteristic clinical phenotypes are reported to lack it [15].

Anatomical context of PCS

  • Cultured lymphocytes from both patients, and skin fibroblasts, Epstein Barr virus-transformed lymphocytes, and tumor cells from the proposita demonstrated premature separation of centromeric heterochromatin (PCS) of many chromosomes, a finding noted previously in the SC phocomelia syndrome and the similar but more severe Roberts syndrome [15].
  • The PCS Process Survey analyzed radiation therapy facilities to evaluate procedures in work-up and treatment of patients with cancer of the larynx, tongue, and nasopharynx [16].
  • Percutaneous port-catheter system (PCS) implantations via femoral artery were performed in 12 patients [17].
  • Type II goblet cells mainly differed from type I cells in their negative reaction with PCS [18].
  • PURPOSE: To evaluate the safety and feasibility of a percutaneous Port-Catheter System (PCS) implanted via the subclavian artery (SCA) for regional chemotherapy or chemoembolization of thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic malignant tumors [19].

Associations of PCS with chemical compounds

  • RESULTS: Among women in the QOL analysis, mean PCS, MCS, and CES-D scores worsened modestly over the study's 60 months, with no significant difference between the tamoxifen (n = 973) and raloxifene (n = 1010) groups (P>.2) [20].
  • We conclude that p-cresol circulates in the form of its sulfate conjugate, PCS [11].
  • CONCLUSIONS: In situations in which skin testing for fire ant sensitization is not feasible, PCS appears to be an acceptable in vitro alternative method for determination of fire ant allergen-specific IgE [21].
  • After MFP rinses, fluoride concentration in the enamel was increased in the following order: CS, PCS, CD, and PCD [22].
  • With CS+ inside the ratios are: PK/PCS = 8.7, PRb/PCS = 7.1 and PNH4/PCS = 2 [23].

Other interactions of PCS

  • METHODS: We analysed the HRQL evolution over 5 years for 1,000 patients initiating a protease inhibitor (PI)-containing therapy, using MOS SF-36 physical (PCS) and mental (MCS) scores [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PCS

  • Injury Severity Score was not associated with PCS or MCS [25].
  • Thus, the SF-36 (PCS) and GHQ were useful in identifying patients who needed treatment not only for complications but also psychological support and continued physical rehabilitation [1].
  • Study of PCS specimens by transmission electron microscopy and by energy-dispersive X-ray microanalysis revealed that most copper was sequestered in lipolysosomes [26].
  • Raw PCS data demonstrated a high level of correlation with RAST (rho = 0.941) and ELISA (rho = 0.931), and showed good correlation with skin testing (rho = -0.769) [21].
  • Louis, those participating in the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group and a broad range of radiotherapy practices surveyed by the PCS (Patterns of Care Study) [27].


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