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Gene Review

VAMP3  -  vesicle-associated membrane protein 3

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CEB, Cellubrevin, SYB3, Synaptobrevin-3, VAMP-3, ...
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Disease relevance of VAMP3

  • Unlike the effect of insulin, the GLUT4myc gain caused by hyperosmolarity was insensitive to wortmannin or to tetanus toxin cleavage of VAMP2 and VAMP3 [1].
  • Hyperacidification of cellubrevin endocytic compartments and defective endosomal recycling in cystic fibrosis respiratory epithelial cells [2].
  • BACKGROUND: Here we evaluate auto-antibody response against two potential antigenic determinants of genes highly expressed in low Gleason Score prostate cancer (PC) tumor samples, namely FLJ23438 and VAMP3 [3].
  • The auto-antibody response against FLJ23438 and VAMP3 recombinant proteins was tested by immunoblot assays using PC, benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), healthy donors (HD), and other human cancers plasma samples [3].
  • The toxicity of CEB included bone marrow suppression and alopecia in all patients but no significant neurotoxicity or ototoxicity, and minimal renal toxicity [4].

High impact information on VAMP3

  • Insulin-induced ATP release from human platelets correlated with the association of syntaxin 2 with the vesicle-associated membrane protein 3 but was not associated with the activation of alphaIIbbeta3 integrin [5].
  • Using green fluorescent protein (GFP) as both a fluorescent indicator and an exofacial epitope tag, we show that polarized fusion of VAMP3 vesicles precedes phagosome sealing [6].
  • In cells overexpressing Rab11wt and in a GTPase-deficient Rab11 mutant (Rab11Q70L), these proteins were found in vesicles showing characteristics of sorting endosomes lacking cellubrevin (Cb) [7].
  • Furthermore, we have shown that the ARF6-containing intracellular compartment partially colocalized with transferrin receptors and cellubrevin and morphologically resembled the recycling endocytic compartment previously described in CHO cells [8].
  • Export of cellubrevin from the endoplasmic reticulum is controlled by BAP31 [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of VAMP3


Biological context of VAMP3


Anatomical context of VAMP3


Associations of VAMP3 with chemical compounds


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of VAMP3

  • METHODS: RT-PCR assays were used to analyze mRNA expression profiles of FLJ23438 and VAMP3 transcripts [3].
  • Western blotting of wild-type, heterozygous, and null platelets confirmed the lack of cellubrevin/VAMP-3 in nulls and showed that most elements of the secretion machinery are expressed at similar levels [25].
  • When BHK cells were analyzed by immunocytochemistry, BAP31 did not overlap with cellubrevin, but rather colocalized with resident proteins of the ER [9].
  • Five patients failed CEB chemotherapy, but all have been successfully salvaged with a combination of surgery and intensive chemotherapy, follow-up from completion of all treatment being 35 to 44 months [4].
  • The CVP/CEB overall survival and event-free survival rates are 55% and 32%, respectively, and they are not statistically different from those of patients treated before 1990 [26].


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