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Disease relevance of Gravidity


High impact information on Gravidity

  • Fetal loss rates were increased among couples sharing HLA-B as compared with couples not sharing HLA-B (.23 vs. .12, respectively; P = .041, adjusted for age, gravidity, and kinship) [6].
  • Gravidity and tubal disease also had marginal effects on the time course of inhibin responses, but not on overall mean inhibin levels or estradiol responses [7].
  • In order to determine the normal periprandial blood glucose values during gravidity, we studied 17 normal pregnant women, near term of gestation, in their homes using test strips and reflectometers . Results show an initial fasting level not higher than 80 mg/dl and not lower than 45 mg/dl [8].
  • The number of previous pregnancies (gravidity) was associated with stronger maternal responses to fetal alloantigens, as shown by lymphoproliferation (Kendall tau=0.3, P=0.04) and IFN-gamma (tau=0.3, P=0.04) synthesis, but did not affect fetal responses to the various stimuli [9].
  • Progesterone and gravidity differentially regulate expression of extracellular matrix components in the pregnant rat myometrium [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Gravidity


Biological context of Gravidity


Anatomical context of Gravidity

  • To control for embryo quality, IVF patient characteristics were matched to those of the oocyte donors with regard to age and previous gravidity [15].
  • The following parameters were determined in colostrum taken from sows after completed delivery: specific gravidity; total proteins, lysozyme activity, IgG level [16].
  • The first immunopositive neuroblasts occurred in the 15th week of gravidity, whereas an increasing number of structures in the medulla oblongata and cerebellum showed ODC immunoreactivity in weeks 18-24 of gravidity [17].

Associations of Gravidity with chemical compounds


Gene context of Gravidity

  • CA-125 levels were independent of age, gravidity, weeks of amenorrhea, or presence of thecal-luteal cysts [23].
  • Patients in both groups were similar with respect to mean gravidity, parity, and menopausal status, although patients in the Novak group were older (43.4 vs 39.1 years, p = 0.005) [24].
  • The relative risk of hepatocellular carcinoma was elevated significantly in women of high gravidity, an association that was attributable to the effects of full-term pregnancies [25].
  • We have shown that gravidity and parity is associated with a small but progressive decrease in fetal NT and a small but progressive increase in free beta-hCG and PAPP-A [26].
  • Women with endometriosis and tubal inflammatory disease did not have a significantly lower mean gravidity than did those with healthy tubes [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gravidity


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