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Hematologic Diseases

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  • However, rare cases of childhood ALL and various other hematological diseases with t(1;19) lack the E2A-PBX1 fusion [26].
  • CONCLUSIONS: PNH, an acquired blood disease seen more often among adult males, can be diagnosed more sensitively by hemocyte member CD55 and CD59 tests and treated more effectively with adrenocortical hormone or low dose chemotherapy [27].
  • Interferon (IFN) has shown antiproliferative activity in several malignant hematologic diseases and potentially may be of benefit when administered early after BMT when the number of residual cells is minimal [28].
  • Conversely patients with the combination of AID and a severe blood disease (leukemia, aplasia) were cured of both diseases following allogeneic BMT, with the notable exception of a relapse in a patient with RA despite full donor engraftment [29].
  • The synergistic effect of histone deacetylase inhibitors, including phenylbutyrate (PB), in reactivating silenced genes encouraged clinical studies on the combination of PB and demethylating agents in hematological diseases, characterized by p15 silencing [30].

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