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Sarcoma, Yoshida

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Disease relevance of Sarcoma, Yoshida


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Chemical compound and disease context of Sarcoma, Yoshida

  • Cathepsin L mRNA was also increased in tibialis anterior muscle of rats treated with the glucocorticoid analogue, dexamethasone, or rats bearing the Yoshida Sarcoma [11].
  • In a previous study, we used subcutaneous LY80 tumours (a subline of Yoshida sarcoma), Sato lung carcinoma, and methylcholanthrene-induced primary tumours, to demonstrate that a novel water-soluble combretastatin A-4 derivative, AC7700, abruptly and irreversibly stopped tumour blood flow [12].
  • CHIP was a more effective anti-tumour agent against both alkylating-agent sensitive and resistant strains of the Yoshida sarcoma (YSS and YSR respectively) than was Neoplatin [13].
  • The antitumor effect on Yoshida sarcoma was markedly potentiated when an additive dose of 5-FU combined with 3-cyano-2,6-dihydroxypyridine (CNDP), a potent inhibitor of 5-FU degradation, giving a plasma level of about 500 ng/ml, was infused for 4 h [14].
  • The antitumor effect of vincristine (VCR), which acts on mitotic phase cells, was examined with methionine infusion immediately after Met(-) TPN in Yoshida sarcoma (YS)-bearing rats [15].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sarcoma, Yoshida


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