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Disease relevance of Biomechanics


High impact information on Biomechanics

  • After surveying the history and recent progress in this field, we review studies of the kinematics of gas-liquid collisions and proton exchange of HCl, DCl, and HBr with supercooled sulfuric acid and liquid glycerol [6].
  • Search for anomalous kinematics in tt dilepton events at CDF II [7].
  • INTRODUCTION: We tested the effect of a new benzopyran derivative, CHF 4227.01, with selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) activity on bone mass and biomechanics in ovariectomized (OVX) female rats in comparison with 17alpha-ethinylestradiol (EST), raloxifene (RLX), and lasofoxifene (LFX) [8].
  • Massively crosslinked arrays of tropoelastin (typically in association with microfibrils) contribute to tissue structural integrity and biomechanics through persistent flexibility, allowing for repeated stretch and relaxation cycles that critically depend on hydrated environments [9].
  • The B(E2;0(+)(1)-->2(+)(1)) values for the radioactive neutron-rich germanium isotopes (78,80)Ge and the closed neutron shell nucleus 82Ge were measured at the HRIBF using Coulomb excitation in inverse kinematics [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Biomechanics


Biological context of Biomechanics

  • We employed skeletally matured rats to study changes in biochemical markers of bone turnover, bone mineral density (BMD), and bone biomechanics produced by continuous elevation of parathyroid hormone (PTH) in estrogen-deplete and -replete rodents [15].
  • There is some evidence that cardiovascular biomechanics may be mildly depressed after menopause and that estrogen may normalize these changes by increasing ventricular contractility and, possibly, relaxation [16].
  • OBJECTIVES: To test the effects of chronic angiotensin II administration on blood pressure and small artery biomechanics in the female sex hormone-depleted state (proposed to increase cardiovascular vulnerability) and with hormone replacement [17].
  • We studied the kinematics and kinetics of human postural responses to "recoverable falls." To induce brief falling we used a Hold and Release (H&R) paradigm [18].
  • To test whether variation in muscle efficiency contributes to thermal stability during flight in the orchid bee, Euglossa imperialis, we measured CO2 production, heat loss and flight kinematics at different air temperatures (Ta) [19].

Anatomical context of Biomechanics

  • Therefore, in rats, raloxifene has beneficial effects on bone biomechanics that are equivalent to those of EE treatment without substantial effects on the uterus [20].
  • PURPOSE: Aspects of the biomechanics and surface topography of fellow human corneas are known to exhibit midline symmetry, but the structural basis of these observations is poorly understood [21].
  • Specifically, Myers and Steudel (J. Morphol. 234 (1997) 183) have shown that fore- and hindlimb Natural Pendular Periods (NPPs) may affect quadrupedal kinematics and must converge to reduce locomotor energetic costs [22].
  • Representative extensor and flexor muscles that function at the hip, knee, and ankle joints were recorded, and in six spinal cats the kinematics of these joints were determined from high-speed cinefilm [23].
  • The lack of effect of L-dopa administration on grasp kinematics may be because the motor control of distal effectors is less represented in the motor circuitry formed by the supplementary motor area (SMA), thalamus and BG [24].

Associations of Biomechanics with chemical compounds

  • These findings add credence to models in which dopamine deficiency plays a role in the modulation of blink kinematics [25].
  • To assess intralimb and interlimb coordination of the combined behaviors, activity from selected flexor and extensor muscles at the hip, knee, and ankle was recorded, and the kinematics of these joints were determined from high-speed cinefilm [26].
  • We compared the kinematics of reaching to grasp of differently sized objects placed at different positions, among PD patients in the early stage of disease (ESPD), in the advanced stage of disease (ASPD) without L-dopa medication (off-state), and in healthy controls [24].
  • How to extend the elbow with a weak or paralyzed triceps: Control of arm kinematics for aiming in C6-C7 quadriplegic patients [27].
  • Adaptive control for backward quadrupedal walking. I. Posture and hindlimb kinematics [28].

Gene context of Biomechanics


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Biomechanics


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