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Leukemia, B-Cell, Acute

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Disease relevance of Leukemia, B-Cell, Acute


High impact information on Leukemia, B-Cell, Acute


Chemical compound and disease context of Leukemia, B-Cell, Acute

  • Of 14 amino acid residues tested at position 158 of cyt b all but alanine and serine resulted in a marked decrease of cyt bc1 activity and failed to support photosynthetic growth of R. capsulatus [10].
  • PATIENTS AND METHODS: From September 1992 to June 1997, 26 consecutive adults with newly diagnosed untreated B-ALL received hyperfractionated cyclophosphamide, vincristine, doxorubicin, and dexamethasone (Hyper-CVAD) [11].
  • Patients with stage I and II disease resected received three, while all others received six, 5-day therapy courses (dexamethasone, methotrexate [MTX] 0.5 g/m2 [5 g/m2 for stage IV and B-ALL], and intrathecal [IT] therapy in each course, plus ifosfamide, cytarabine, and etoposide alternating with cyclophosphamide and doxorubicin) [12].
  • Nausea was recorded on day 1 by one patient in group A, and two in group B, and on days 2 to 5 by three patients in group A, and by seven in group B. All patients were alert during treatment with ondansetron and there was no dystonia [13].
  • Extensive similarity in sequence, taken to indicate similarity in secondary and tertiary structure, is seen between the mammalian enzyme and yeast hexokinase isozymes A and B. All residues critical for binding glucose to the yeast enzyme are conserved in brain hexokinase [14].

Biological context of Leukemia, B-Cell, Acute


Anatomical context of Leukemia, B-Cell, Acute

  • Lymphoblasts from adult patients with precursor B ALL were cultured on bone marrow stroma and were treated with CCI-779, a second generation MTI [20].
  • These data provide the rationale for infusing UCB-derived CD19-specific T cells after UCBT to reduce the incidence of CD19+ B-ALL relapse [21].
  • 7. Our data are compatible with the hypothesis that selected HOX-2 genes play a role in the IL-2/IL-1 beta-induced activation and/or proliferation of normal NK lymphocytes and possibly in the oncogenetic process of some T- and B-ALL [22].
  • B29 (CD79b) was expressed in the cytoplasm in 65% (15/23) of pre-B-ALL and in 14% (4/28) common-ALL but it was detected in the cell membrane in only three cases of mature B-ALL, being negative in all other B lineage subtypes ALL [23].
  • In the lymphoblastic leukaemia cell lines, MOLT-3, HSB, and B-ALL, supra-additive effects were observed for ICRF-154 in combination with amsacrine, bleomycin, doxorubicin, and etoposide [24].

Gene context of Leukemia, B-Cell, Acute

  • Furthermore our data show that although inactivation of MTS1 by deletion is common, inactivation of MTS2 by a combination of deletion and hypermethylation is more frequent in both B-ALL (20/29, 69%) and T-ALL (17/17, 100%) [25].
  • We investigated the ARF-MDM-2-p53 pathway in tumor specimen from 24 children with sporadic BL/B-ALL [26].
  • On pre-culture cells, CD33 expression was frequently observed in CD19+, CD10- B-precursor ALL, and CD14 was expressed only on the cells from B-precursor ALL expressing CD19, CD10 and CD20, and B-ALL [27].
  • After 7 days of liquid culture DNA-synthesis was induced in six of 10 cALL, three of five B-ALL, and two of seven T-ALL samples by IL-7 or IL-3 or both [28].
  • In case of precursor B-ALL we recommend including the IGLJ6 probe for the detection of rearrangements to J-Clambda6 [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Leukemia, B-Cell, Acute


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