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Chemical Compound Review

Dimethylamin     N-methylmethanamine

Synonyms: dimethylamine, dimethyl-amine, HNMe2, dimethyl amine, CCRIS 981, ...
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Disease relevance of N-methylmethanamine


Psychiatry related information on N-methylmethanamine

  • 5) Preliminary tests of behavior modification in a rat model by direct instillation of amines into the brain are positive for TMA but negative for DMA, but no DMA entry into brain cells is demonstrated in the latter [6].

High impact information on N-methylmethanamine


Chemical compound and disease context of N-methylmethanamine


Biological context of N-methylmethanamine


Anatomical context of N-methylmethanamine


Associations of N-methylmethanamine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of N-methylmethanamine

  • Pretreatment with 1-deprenyl did not affect significantly the rate of incorporation of the radiotracer DMPEA into the brain, suggesting that reduction of the radioactivity in brain by this compound might be due to a decrease in the rate of production of the radioactive metabolite dimethylamine by brain MAO-B [30].
  • ADMA is degraded by dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase (DDAH) to dimethylamine and citrulline [31].
  • In MS/MS, we observed neutral loss of dimethylamine (m/z 45.05) from which it follows that the dimethylation in FUS/TLS is asymmetric [32].
  • In titration experiments at pH 8.5 about 1.0 mol of dimethylamine or 0.5 mol of trimethylamine per mol of the enzyme is required to titrate the enzyme to an endpoint [33].
  • The TMA-MT polypeptides, when supplemented with purified methylcorrinoid:CoM methyltransferase (MT2), could effect the demethylation of TMA with the subsequent methylation of CoM and the production of dimethylamine at specific activities of up to 600 nmol/min/mg of TMA-MT protein [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of N-methylmethanamine


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