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Gene Review

Gch1  -  GTP cyclohydrolase 1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: GTP cyclohydrolase I, GTP-CH, GTP-CH-I, GTPCH, Gch
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Disease relevance of Gch1


High impact information on Gch1

  • Tetrahydrobiopterin-dependent preservation of nitric oxide-mediated endothelial function in diabetes by targeted transgenic GTP-cyclohydrolase I overexpression [6].
  • We have now investigated the importance and mechanisms of BH4 availability in vivo using a novel transgenic mouse model with endothelial-targeted overexpression of the rate-limiting enzyme in BH4 synthesis, guanosine triphosphate-cyclohydrolase I (GTPCH) [6].
  • Our finding of much higher levels of BH4 and GTP cyclohydrolase, the first enzyme of de novo BH4 biosynthesis, in rat reticulocytes compared to mature erythrocytes raised the possibility that BH4 might play a role in erythrocyte maturation [7].
  • To investigate the pathophysiology, we have begun to characterize biogenic amine and BH4 metabolism in the GTP cyclohydrolase deficient hph-1 mouse [8].
  • In vitro data demonstrate that NAMDA inhibited GTP cyclohydrolase I, the rate-limiting enzyme for BH4 biosynthesis, and reduced nitrite accumulation, an oxidative metabolite of NO, without directly inhibiting NOS activity [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Gch1


Biological context of Gch1


Anatomical context of Gch1


Associations of Gch1 with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of Gch1


Other interactions of Gch1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gch1


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