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Gene Review

Il15  -  interleukin 15

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AI503618, IL-15, Interleukin-15
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Disease relevance of Il15

  • To investigate the role of IL-15 in psoriasis, we generated mAb's using human immunoglobulin-transgenic mice [1].
  • Furthermore, mice with severe combined immunodeficiency treated with the Fab fragment of a blocking antibody recognizing a signaling subunit of the IL-15 receptor, IL-2/15Rbeta, had a significant ( approximately 90%) loss of NK cells compared with control mice [2].
  • Role of interleukin 15 in colitis induced by dextran sulphate sodium in mice [3].
  • IL-15 levels were elevated in the intestinal mucosa of inflammatory bowel diseases [3].
  • RESULTS: IL-15 KO mice exhibited resistance to DSS induced acute colitis, as reflected by lower lethality, weight loss, clinical scores, and histological scores compared with those in control mice (p<0.05) [3].
  • Our results identify an unexpected breach in MC-dependent innate immune defenses against sepsis and suggest that inhibiting intracellular IL-15 in MCs may improve survival from sepsis [4].

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Anatomical context of Il15

  • Interleukin (IL)-2 and IL-15 are redundant in stimulating T-cell proliferation in vitro [8].
  • High concentrations of IL-15 blocked TCR alpha beta development and shifted differentiation towards NK cells [17].
  • Data obtained from in situ hybridization study have suggested that the macrophages present in the pregnant uterus may be responsible for the production of IL-15 [21].
  • Here, it is shown that IL-15 mRNA is mainly expressed in thymic epithelial stromal cells, whereas IL-2 mRNA is exclusively expressed in thymocytes [17].
  • Here, we examine the effect of IL-15 on hyaluronan expression by endothelial cells, and investigate its role in vivo in promoting the extravasation of antigen-activated T cells through a CD44-dependent pathway [22].

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Regulatory relationships of Il15

  • Collectively, the data support the notion that exogenous low-dose IL-15 therapy can enhance and even reverse the limited efficacy of adoptively transferred tumor-specific T-cell therapy and may do so in a fashion that is superior and distinct from exogenous IL-2 therapy [30].
  • We have examined the induction of IL-15 in murine macrophages (by semiquantitative reverse transcriptase-PCR and bioassay) in response to a variety of different macrophage-activating stimuli and compared the regulation of IL-15 production to that of IL-12 and TNF-alpha [31].
  • We show here the effects of IL-15 on the proliferation and maintenance of murine gamma delta i-IEL in vitro. gamma delta i-IEL constitutively expressed a high level of IL-15 receptor alpha mRNA and proliferated in response to IL-15 more vigorously than alpha beta i-IEL [32].
  • Consistent with this idea, IL-15 stimulates sustained STAT5 phosphorylation in SOCS1-deficient CD8+ T cells [33].
  • Although effects of IL-15 on Mphi activities have not previously been reported, its derivation from activated Mphi suggested a possible autocrine role in regulating Mphi functions and prompted us to determine whether IL-15 modulated LPS-activated Mphi cytokine production [34].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Il15


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