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Gene Review

Il2rb  -  interleukin 2 receptor, beta

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: High affinity IL-2 receptor subunit beta, IL-2 receptor subunit beta, IL-2R subunit beta, IL-2RB, Interleukin-2 receptor subunit beta, ...
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Disease relevance of Il2rb


High impact information on Il2rb

  • Those CD8+ T cells responding in the presence of IL-2 were mainly T cell receptor alpha/beta+ IL-2 receptor (alpha chain)+, and a majority had shifted from high to low CD45R expression [5].
  • Rat IL-2 receptor, not human IL-2 receptor, was expressed on HTLV+ rat cell lines, as demonstrated by the fact that they expressed antigens reactive with monoclonal antibodies (ART-18) against rat IL-2 receptor, but not with anti-Tac antibodies [6].
  • In addition, mRNA for the IL-2 receptor-beta chain was demonstrated by Northern blot analysis using mRNA from primary rat intestinal epithelial cells depleted of detectable contaminating intraepithelial lymphocytes by two cycles of fractionation on Percoll gradients [7].
  • The relevance of observations in the IEC-6 cell line to intestinal mucosa in vivo was supported by the demonstration of a gradient of expression of the IL-2 receptor in primary rat intestinal epithelial cells by Western blot analysis [7].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The results of this study suggest that NO produced by the inducible NO synthase of Kupffer cells in response to lipopolysaccharide modulates the IL-2 receptor expression and LAK activity of splenocytes [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Il2rb


Biological context of Il2rb


Anatomical context of Il2rb


Associations of Il2rb with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of Il2rb

  • The binding of [125I]human GH to the lactogen receptor as well as the binding of [125I]IL-2 to the IL-2 receptor were decreased in a dose-dependent manner by GTP, GDP, and the analog guanosine 5'-O-(3-thiotriphosphate) [21].

Regulatory relationships of Il2rb

  • Similarly, incubation of NK cells with PRL was not found to induce expression of the alpha chain of the IL-2 receptor (IL-2ra; CD25) on NK cells or other lymphoid cells [22].
  • In the present study, IFN-gamma exposure to primary cultures of rat type II epithelial cells (TIIP) upregulated membrane expression of the common gamma-chain of the IL-2 receptor (approximately 2.5- to 4-fold increase) and redistributed receptor affinity in TIIP, as assessed by Western blot, cell, and tissue histochemistry and Scatchard analysis [23].
  • Markers of immune activation, such as an increase in IL-2-receptor (from 1% +/- 2% to 21% +/- 13%) and class II (from 20% +/- 9% to 43% +/- 13%) expressing lymphoid cells and induction of ICAM-1 in the graft, were consistent with the overall cellular response [24].

Other interactions of Il2rb


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Il2rb


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