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Gene Review

MKL1  -  megakaryoblastic leukemia (translocation) 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: BSAC, KIAA1438, MAL, MKL/myocardin-like protein 1, MRTF-A, ...
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Disease relevance of MKL1


Psychiatry related information on MKL1

  • Outcome measures included the Motor Activity Log for very low functioning patients (Grade 5 MAL), upper extremity portion of the Fugl-Meyer Motor Assessment, Graded Wolf Motor Function Test - for very low functioning patients (gWMFT- Grade 5), and Modified Ashworth Scale [7].

High impact information on MKL1


Chemical compound and disease context of MKL1


Biological context of MKL1


Anatomical context of MKL1

  • In NIH3T3 fibroblasts MKL1 localizes to the cytoplasm and translocates to the nucleus in response to serum stimulation, actin treadmilling, and RhoA signaling [21].
  • Together, these data were consistent with a model wherein MKL1 transduces signals from the cytoskeleton to the nucleus in SMCs and regulates SRF-dependent SMC differentiation autonomously or in concert with myocardin [21].
  • RBM15 and MKL1 mutational screening in megakaryoblastic leukemia cell lines and clinical samples [24].
  • MKL1 expression was found in newborn rat cortical or hippocampal neurons in culture as well as in adult rat forebrain [25].
  • Immunostaining demonstrated constitutive nuclear localization of MKL1 in the CA1 region of the hippocampus, in the deep layers of the neocortex, and in cultured neurons [25].

Associations of MKL1 with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of MKL1


Other interactions of MKL1

  • It has been shown that MKL1 functions as a RhoA-regulated transcriptional coactivator of serum response factor (SRF) [22].
  • Forced expression of a dominant-negative MKL1 mutant reduces myocardin-induced activation of the SMC-specific SM22alpha promoter [21].
  • In contrast, in SMCs MKL1 is observed exclusively in the nucleus regardless of serum conditions or RhoA signaling [21].
  • Parathyroid hormone-related protein, chromogranin A, and calcitonin gene products in the neuroendocrine skin carcinoma cell lines MKL1 and MKL2 [34].
  • These results suggest that neuronal MKL1 contributes to SRF-regulated gene expression induced by BDNF or synaptic activity [25].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MKL1


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