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Gene Review

Bmp1  -  bone morphogenetic protein 1

Rattus norvegicus

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Disease relevance of Bmp1


High impact information on Bmp1


Biological context of Bmp1


Anatomical context of Bmp1


Associations of Bmp1 with chemical compounds

  • The analgoue [Bmp1, Val8] -HCT, with a deaminated cysteine residue at the N-terminus, was about 6 times more potent than HCT and slightly longer-acting than [Val8] -HCT [19].
  • The BMP can be separated from bone matrix by extraction with 4 M guanidine hydrochloride (GuHCl) or degraded in situ by endogenous proteolytic enzymes to deactivate the matrix [20].
  • Activin/BMP receptors (ActRIA, ActRIB, ActRIIA, and ActRIIB), beta glycan, and Smad 1-8 mRNAs were expressed by the ovary [21].
  • Bone morphogenetic proteins belong to the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily and act through serine/threonine kinase type I and type II receptors such as bone morphogenetic protein receptor type I and type II [22].
  • Daidzein enhances osteoblast growth that may be mediated by increased bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) production [23].

Regulatory relationships of Bmp1


Other interactions of Bmp1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Bmp1

  • INTRODUCTION: Although researchers frequently opt to use osteogenic cells for osteogenic bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)-based ex vivo gene therapy to improve bone healing, it remains unclear whether the osteogenic potential of a cellular vehicle affects the outcome of bone healing applications [30].
  • The expression of activin/BMP receptor, Smad, and beta glycan mRNAs by postnatal rat ovaries were investigated by real-time PCR [21].
  • The molecular weight of BMP was estimated to be about 20.0 kDa by SDS-PAGE, and the pI value was 8.8 by IEF [31].
  • To clarify the possible involvement of BMP and BMPR-II in the development of hypoxic PH, the expression of BMP-2, BMPR-II, and their downstream signals were investigated in rat lung under normal and hypoxic conditions by RT-PCR, immunoblot, and immunohistochemical methods [5].
  • Whereas bone morphogenetic protein receptor type I expression was low in rat brain, in situ hybridization studies performed with specific digoxigenin-labelled riboprobes revealed the presence of bone morphogenetic protein receptor type II-positive cells throughout the brain, with a notable localization in dopaminergic cells of the substantia nigra [22].


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