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Gene Review

Gast  -  gastrin

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Gas, Gastrin, PPG34
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Disease relevance of Gast


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Chemical compound and disease context of Gast


Biological context of Gast


Anatomical context of Gast

  • Bombesin dose-dependently increased gastrin secretion; this stimulatory effect on the G cell was significantly reduced after a 72-h starvation [6].
  • BACKGROUND & AIMS: In gastric antrum, somatostatin exerts a tonic inhibitory influence on gastrin and histamine secretion [22].
  • Gastrin is trophic for the normal gastric oxyntic mucosa and exerts a growth-promoting action on gastrointestinal malignancy [1].
  • Thus, pancreatic gastrin gene expression shows a reciprocal relationship to the developmental expression of cholecystokinin in the duodenum [18].
  • SOS, either alone or co-administered with epinephrine or gastrin heptadecapeptide (G17), dose-dependently stimulated SLI release by isolated canine fundic D-cells [23].

Associations of Gast with chemical compounds

  • The aim of this study was to identify the sst subtype regulating gastrin and histamine secretion in human, dog, and rat stomach [22].
  • The rate of gastrin release stimulated by carbachol was suppressed significantly by each dose of somatostatin examined (10(-8) M to 10(-4) M) [24].
  • Basal and acetylcholine-stimulated gastrin release were significantly lower after a 3 day starvation, whereas the inhibitory effect of acetylcholine and the stimulatory effect of glucagon on somatostatin secretion were not influenced by fasting [6].
  • Feeding did not change the sulfation of amidated heptadecapeptide gastrin or its glycine-extended variant [19].
  • The post-translational processing of the pancreatic gastrin peptide, however, differs in being fully tyrosine sulfated, and thus it resembles gastrin's homologue, cholecystokinin [18].

Physical interactions of Gast

  • These data suggest a SS receptor/G protein uncoupling as a result of binding of pentagastrin to gastrin receptors present in pancreatic acinar cell membranes [25].
  • These new compounds bear a histamine H2 receptor antagonist (H2A) pharmacophore moiety attached to a gastrin receptor antagonist (GA) pharmacophore moiety in a reversed manner, namely the head-to-head manner, different from the previously reported head-to-tail manner [26].

Regulatory relationships of Gast


Other interactions of Gast


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gast


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