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Chemical Compound Review

BC-J     zinc 1-oxidopyridine-6-thiolate

Synonyms: Biocut ZP, Finecide ZPT, Hokucide ZPT, Niccanon SKT, Tomicide Z 50, ...
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Chemical compound and disease context of SQ 2113


Biological context of SQ 2113


Anatomical context of SQ 2113

  • Zinc pyrithione, however, was assayed in the cytosol of both bacteria and was found in the cell envelope of Ps. aeruginosa [19].
  • Each of four antidandruff shampoos, containing zinc pyrithione, was statistically significantly more potent at blocking spontaneous contractions of rabbit isolated ileum than was any of four adult shampoos which in turn were each significantly more potent that any of four baby shampoos tested [20].
  • Results indicated that zinc pyrithione produced the highest inhibition of cell growth when two cell lines were treated in the two doses tested [21].
  • Zinc pyrithione introduced into cultures of rapidly proliferating NCTC 2544 human skin epithelial cells and normal human skin fibroblasts had a rapid cytotoxic effect even at very low concentrations (0.1-0.5 microgram/ml); there was no dose-dependent suppression of cell proliferation and no apparent interference with mitosis [22].
  • The mutagenic potential of zinc pyrithione (Znpt) was evaluated in vitro in the Salmonella/mammalian microsome plate incorporation mutagenicity (Ames) assay and the CHO/HGPRT gene mutation assay [23].

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Gene context of SQ 2113

  • Zinc pyrithione induces apoptosis and increases expression of Bim [28].
  • Evaluation of the genotoxic potential of zinc pyrithione in the Salmonella mutagenicity (Ames) assay, CHO/HGPRT gene mutation assay and mouse micronucleus assay [23].
  • The relationship between environmental factors, community composition and the sensitivity of pelagic phytoplankton to the antifouling agents zinc pyrithione (ZPT) and copper pyrithione (CPT) was studied using phytoplankton communities collected from March until August 2001 in Roskilde fjord, Denmark [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SQ 2113


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