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Chemical Compound Review

Declomycin     (2Z,4S,4aS,5aR,6S,12aS)-2- (amino-hydroxy...

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Disease relevance of Declomycin


High impact information on Declomycin


Chemical compound and disease context of Declomycin

  • Current treatment options for hyponatremia in CHF include hypertonic saline solution, loop diuretics, fluid restriction, and other pharmacologic agents, such as demeclocycline, lithium carbonate, and urea [9].
  • When antibiotics were given after the development of clinical signs, antibiotics ranked in the order of reducing clinical signs and in preventing body weight loss and an intestinal enlargement were doxycycline, demeclocycline and rifampin [10].
  • His SIADH was managed successfully with saline infusion, frusemide, and maintenance treatment with demeclocycline [11].
  • For the few chronically ill people in these trials, neither the 'active' tetracycline bacteriostatic agent, oral demeclocycline, nor the opiate antagonist naloxone, nor placebo, gave any suggestion of serious adverse effects for a period of up to six weeks [12].
  • These studies demonstrate that the concentrating defect induced by demeclocycline can occur independent of alterations in praostaglandin biosynthesis and suggest that a change in renal prostaglandin biosynthesis is not an etiologic factor in demeclocycline-induced polyuria [13].

Biological context of Declomycin


Anatomical context of Declomycin


Associations of Declomycin with other chemical compounds

  • In addition, restriction of water or administration of demeclocycline improved plasma sodium and plasma vasopressin levels relative to plasma osmolality to be normal [21].
  • In all patients inappropriately concentrated urine (mean urine osmolality = 548 mOSM/kg H2O) or increased urine content of sodium (mean urine sodium = 91 mEq/L) were documented prior to demeclocycline therapy [22].
  • The use of lithium is not recommended due to the incidence of digestive, cardiac, thyroid, and central nervous system side effects, as well as the demonstrated superiority of demeclocycline [23].
  • Ledermix Paste is a paste containing triamcinolone and demeclocycline with demonstrated anti-inflammatory activity that may slow down resorptive processes after severe traumatic injuries to the dentition [24].
  • In all patients the clinical state and laboratory findings fulfilled the criteria for SIAD, which was supported by either nonsuppressible plasma AVP levels or effectiveness of treatments with water restriction, demeclocycline, nonpeptide V2 AVP antagonist or diphenylhydantoin [25].

Gene context of Declomycin

  • When hyponatremia was corrected by water restriction or demeclocycline administration, plasma ANP levels decreased significantly and fell into the normal range (12.5 +/- 4.3 pmol/L) [26].
  • The findings are consistent with direct antagonism by demeclocycline of the enhancing effect of carbamazepine on endogenous ADH activity [27].
  • Eight patients (7 men and 1 woman, mean age 43.1 +/- 8.9 years) with psychosis, intermittent hyponatremia, and polydipsia (PIP syndrome) underwent treatment with demeclocycline in an effort to normalize serum sodium levels and thereby protect the PIP patients against complications including hyponatremic seizures and coma [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Declomycin


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