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Gene Review

PCGF3  -  polycomb group ring finger 3

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DONG1, FLJ36550, MGC40413, Polycomb group RING finger protein 3, RING finger protein 3A, ...
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Disease relevance of PCGF3

  • We previously showed that ethanol regulates dopamine beta-hydroxylase (DBH) mRNA and protein levels in human neuroblastoma cells (Thibault, C., Lai, C., Wilke, N., Duong, B., Olive, M. F., Rahman, S., Dong, H., Hodge, C. W., Lockhart, D. J., and Miles, M. F. (2000) Mol. Pharmacol. 58, 1593-1600) [1].
  • The present study provides data regarding the estrogen-like activity of dong quai, which might assist in decision making on herbal therapy use by women at risk for both estrogen-sensitive and insensitive breast cancer [2].
  • Plant-derived preparations including black cohosh (Actaea racemosa), dong quai (Angelica sinensis), evening primrose (Oenothera biennis), and red clover (Trifolium pretense) are used by patients experiencing hot flashes due to premature menopause despite a paucity of clinical trial data demonstrating either safety or efficacy [3].
  • A population-based surveillance for typhoid fever was conducted in three rural communes of Dong Thap Province in southern Vietnam (population 28,329) for a 12-month-period starting on December 4, 1995 [4].
  • METHODS: The Community Oriented Program for Control of Rheumatic Disease (COPCORD) Stage I study was carried out in 16 groups in the Trung Liet Commune, Dong Da District, Hanoi City, Vietnam [5].

Psychiatry related information on PCGF3


High impact information on PCGF3

  • We developed a (166)Ho/chitosan complex (Milican, Dong Wha Pharmaceutical Co., Seoul, Korea) using chitosan as a vehicle to retain the radioactive material within the tumor.EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN: Forty patients with single hepatocellular carcinoma < 3 cm in maximal diameter were enrolled in this study [8].
  • We studied, in vitro, estrogen bioactivity in red clover, dong quai, black cohosh, soy, licorice, chaste tree berry, fo-ti, and hops [9].
  • Use of dong quai (Angelica sinensis) to treat peri- or postmenopausal symptoms in women with breast cancer: is it appropriate [2]?
  • CONCLUSIONS: The water extract of dong quai stimulated the growth of MCF-7 cells, possibly dependent of weak estrogen-agonistic activity, and augmented the BT-20 cell proliferation independent of estrogen receptor-mediated pathway [2].
  • The GLO1*1 gene frequency and the number of subjects tested in each population are as follows: Uygur 0.2466 (219), Hui 0.1621 (219), Dong 0.1866 (201), Bai 0.1921 (203), Tujia 0.1075 (200), and Miao 0.1600 (200) [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of PCGF3


Biological context of PCGF3

  • The epidemiology of typhoid fever in the Dong Thap Province, Mekong Delta region of Vietnam [4].
  • Dong (D) lake and the Yangtze (Y) river are the main water supplies of the city of Wuhan, PR China. In the present study, the genotoxic effect of chlorinated drinking water (CDW) processed from raw water of D lake and Y river was evaluated in human HepG2 cells using the Comet assay and the micronucleus test [14].
  • The most commonly used herbal medicines for the menopause is probably black cohosh (Actaea/Cimcifuga racemosa); other preparations used include red clover (Trifolium pratense), dong quai (Angelica sinesis) and evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) [15].

Anatomical context of PCGF3

  • Dong quai, ginseng, and milk thistle had nonspecific immunostimulatory effects on lymphocyte proliferation, whereas ginger and green tea had immunosuppressive effects [16].
  • For example, Han in the Northeast of China is similar to Man and Korean nationalities in the Northeast, but much different from Zhuang, Miao, Dai and Dong nationalities in the Southwest. The main differences are in head length, head breadth, alae nasi, nasal tip, mouth and zygoma, etc [17].
  • On the other hand, the Northeast Asian features become distinct in the dentition of the Dong Son people, which have close ties with the modern Vietnamese [18].
  • The study was carried out in 1,010 patients referred to Yong Dong Severance Hospital for upper gastrointestinal endoscopy because of symptoms related to the gastrointestinal tract from September 1994 to March 1996 [19].
  • By testing the formulae on forensic autopsy cases in Guang Dong and Guang Xi, (People's Republic of China), it is demonstrated that the standard error of estimate is 3.7 and 2.6 years respectively for any single tooth (incisor, canine, premolar or molar) except the third molar [20].

Associations of PCGF3 with chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PCGF3

  • METHODS: Nine hundred eleven FSWs in five border provinces of Vietnam (Lai Chau, Quang Tri, Dong Thap, An Giang, and Kien Giang) were enrolled in a cross-sectional study between December 2002 and January 2003 [25].
  • DESIGN: The present study was designed to investigate the growth-modulating effect of dong quai water extract, alone or in the presence of 17beta-estradiol and 4-hydroxytamoxifen, on MCF-7 and BT-20 cell cultures using MTT proliferation assay [2].
  • Application of pyrolysis-high-resolution gas chromatography-pattern recognition to the identification of the Chinese traditional medicine mai dong [26].
  • Resulted mutant enzymes expressed using pET system [Dong, L.-Y. et al. (1997) Biosci. Biotech, Biochem. 61:545] were purified by one step procedure through nickel-chelate affinity chromatography to a purity of about 95% [27].
  • We conclude that green tea, dong quai, ginseng, milk thistle, and ginger have effects on in vitro immune assays that may be relevant in transplantation in humans [16].


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