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Gene Review

CYBA  -  cytochrome b-245, alpha polypeptide

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Cytochrome b(558) alpha chain, Cytochrome b-245 light chain, Cytochrome b558 subunit alpha, Neutrophil cytochrome b 22 kDa polypeptide, Superoxide-generating NADPH oxidase light chain subunit, ...
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Disease relevance of CYBA


High impact information on CYBA


Chemical compound and disease context of CYBA

  • We examined five polymorphisms in the CYBA gene encoding the p22 phox component of NAD(P)H oxidase, including 242C/T and 640A/G polymorphisms in 467 ESRD patients and 490 healthy individuals [3].
  • The unmasking of p47-SH3 appears to play a crucial role in the assembly of the oxidase components, because p47-SH3 binds to both p22phox and p67phox but fails to interact with a mutant p22phox carrying a Pro-156-->Gln substitution in a proline-rich region, which has been found in a patient with chronic granulomatous disease [9].
  • We studied 108 male Caucasians with angiographically documented CAD and 45 controls free of vascular disease under 60 years of age. p22 phox C242T genotypes and MDA levels were determined [10].
  • This response was attenuated by antioxidants; the flavin inhibitor diphenylene-iodonium, Clostridium difficile toxin B, which inhibits Rho GTPases, p22phox antisense oligonucleotides, or the dominant-negative RacT17N mutant [11].
  • Lack of association of eNOS(G894T) and p22phox NADPH oxidase submit (C242T) polymorphisms with systemic sclerosis in a cohort of French Caucasian patients [12].

Biological context of CYBA


Anatomical context of CYBA


Associations of CYBA with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of CYBA

  • The mapping also confirmed a previously reported binding domain on gp91-phox (E554SGPRGVHFIF564) and putative Src homology 3 domain binding sites on p22-phox (P156PRPP160 and G177GPPGGP183) [24].
  • Binding experiments using the isolated first SH3 domain also demonstrated its involvement in intramolecular interactions within p47phox and showed a requirement for five residues (residues 151 to 155) on its N-terminal boundary for binding to p22phox [25].

Co-localisations of CYBA

  • In atherosclerotic arteries, there was an additional intense area of superoxide in the plaque shoulder, which is rich in macrophages and alpha-actin-positive cells. p22phox colocalized with gp91phox mainly in macrophages, whereas Nox4 was found only in nonphagocytic vascular cells [26].

Regulatory relationships of CYBA


Other interactions of CYBA

  • On the basis of these observations we propose that while Rac2 can bind to a site distinct from either gp91phox or p22phox, it depends upon an interaction with the flavocytochrome b558 for maximal stability in the membrane [30].
  • The novel homologue p41nox interacts with p22phox via the two tandem SH3 domains, as does p47phox [31].
  • In the CYBA gene, encoding the p22phox subunit of the NADPH-oxidase, 2 polymorphisms were investigated [32].
  • Nox4 associates with the protein p22phox on internal membranes, where ROS generation occurs [33].
  • ANG II and PDGF AA both activated the redox-sensitive transcription factor AP-1, which was inhibited by p22phox antisense ODNs [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CYBA


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